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Two arraigned for alleged nightclub rape @ BLVD

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  • Two arraigned for alleged nightclub rape @ BLVD

    A Long Island contractor and a New Jersey accountant were arraigned Wednesday on charges that they
    raped a waitress at the trendy BLVD dance club in lower Manhattan last summer.

    The accountant, Krys Corso, 40, and the contractor, Michael Chodkowski, 36,
    both pleaded not guilty in State Supreme Court in Manhattan.
    They were indicted in the July 17 rape and sexual abuse of a 23-year-old waitress in the back room of the club on Bowery near Spring Street.

    The men told detectives they had been doing shots of tequila and Sambuca at the bar,
    then went to the back room, according to court documents made public Wednesday.
    The men admitted to having some sexual contact with the waitress, but they denied having intercourse with her, before she got sick.

    "Everything was mutual and when she got sick, everything stopped," Corso said, according to court papers.
    Asked by a detective whether his DNA might be found on her, Corso said it was possible because
    he "might have coughed."

    Chodkowski told police he tried to help the woman, who he said was unable to stand.

    "Why would I stick around if I raped her?" he asked.

    Justice Carol Berkman said the victim went to a back room to smoke a cigarette and found the men there.
    When another employee went into the room, that employee allegedly saw the victim
    naked from the waist down and Corso standing over her with no pants on.

    In the indictment, the men are charged with rape both by forcible compulsion and because
    the woman was incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless.

    Corso's attorney, Joel Rudin, and Chadkowski's attorney, Nicholas Massimo,
    both reiterated in phone interviews Wednesday that their clients did not have intercourse with the woman and that any sexual contact was consensual.

    "She invited the two ... into a private room and was very provocative and engaged in some sort
    of groping or touching that was completely consensual," Rudin said.
    "Then she fell ill. The two defendants tried to help her.
    They wanted to bring a manager, and she was afraid she would lose her job and didn't want anyone to be summoned.

    "It's clear to us that she concocted this story to cover her own inappropriate activities."

    I dont care what they say - i think they did it -

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    yea im sure a waitress at a busy club has nothing better to do than making up false rape stories.

    and "he might have coughed", idiot.


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      remember that thread about violence in NYC clubs?? what the hell is goin on???

      2 kids got stabbed at a titty bar in Jersey and now this, yeah it happened in July but the cmon...people think this is the f***kin Sopranos...stabbin and rapin people
      6:15 in the morning. I cant remember...and I'm high... drunk,somewhere...and I'm high"


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        i hear ya girl
        its unfortunate that people cant differenciate bewteen a fawkin movie screen and reality

        Like most of these idiot kids i see around town talking about how hard life in the getto is.
        Getto? get a clue! all they wear is fatigues and bandanas, then talk about police hate them etc etc
        all the while their families make 60+K a year

        I sit the topic of Road Rage under the same ideals ( or lack there of )


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          shit is crazy