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    Is ghb,enliven,renuitriment,verve, all the same stuff? Is it all GHB?
    I've heard and read so many horror stories about ghb and told myself I wouldn't try it. One time a while back one of my friends had enliven (I think thats what it was) and I tried it - 1 1/2 caps. I didn't really feel much at all. This guy was like ripping out of his skin, all sorts of energetic until out of nowhere, he was passing out and could barley stand up. We kept having to keep him awake. I don't know much about this stuff so I figured I'd ask.

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      if memory serves me correct those are all GBL which is a solvent found in floor cleaners. Which is can be taken by itself and is converted by the body in to GHB

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        None are GHB...they are GBL...a precursor to GHB. Once ingested they turn into GHB in the body. Verve is the only one that contains GBL...the others contain 1,4 BDO which is very bad for your kidneys. If you are going to do it, do the blue stuff (Verve). But what ever you drinking...and do 1 capful at a time. The dose response curve is very small. A little too much and you are sleeping like a baby.

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