This Saturday October 26th @ arc.
Howelloween with, "the Howeller" Danny Howells. Bill Patrick will be opening the main floor and the arcade will feature Swayzack's CD release party and Plexus in the arcade.

Who needs$1000 CASH?!?!?!? I know I could certainly use it! That is why this Saturday we will be running a costume contest @ arc. The person chosen who has the best, most imaginative costume will win $1000 CASH!

Have you heard of Swayzak? If you have, then you know what a treat we are all in for. If you haven't, get ready for an education. Swayzak's (live and dj set) celebrating their album release "Dirty Dancing" on K7 Records will be in the arcade this Saturday. Swazak originate from London and have strong links to the international underground. Although their sound can be called funky tech house, it trancends any kind of musical barriers. Their sound moves the listener through minimal house, techno, dub and electro all marked with the unique Swayzak sound. We are proud to present this duo to you this Saturday it will truly be an experience.
Plexus, a local talent, will be warming up the arcade for these guys. He is a well respected member of New York's underground minimal Techno and house scene. He may be recognized from his gigs at Tronic Treatment a local underground party which has seen the likes of Marco Carola and Richie Hawtin.
This all takes place in the back room while our two favorite residents rip up the main floor. Bill Patrick will be opening and Danny Howells will reproducing what his legendary sets are made of.
A Saturday not to be missed.

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