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Polly Esther's in DC and Rockville, MD ????

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#1 rebyork



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Posted November 20 - 09:15 AM

First how far is the Rockville, MD location from downtown DC? I will be staying at the Capitol Hilton. I would like to visit a club on Monday thru Wednesday nights because of meetings on other nights. I love 70's and 80's music so this place sounded great. I am also interested in going out New Year's Eve night.


#2 pgiddy


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Posted November 20 - 10:24 AM

why didn't your father pull out.........

#3 therunner


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Posted November 20 - 11:03 AM

werd - I hate fuckers that try to keep the 80's around. Let that shit DIE!!!

#4 vicman



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Posted November 22 - 11:41 AM

isnt there a polyesters in downtown DC?
anyway, you can take the metro out there. call the Double Tree hotel in Rockville on Rockville Pike. Polyesters is attached to the Double Tree hotel, ask them what is the nearest metro line to the hotel, it's within walking distance to the metro station.

not that i actually have ever gone to polyesters in Rockville, i just drive by there a few times a week. :D

#5 tinybutterfli


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Posted November 22 - 12:11 PM

isnt there a polyesters in downtown DC?

yep - i remember the radio ad... its on 12th Street between F for Funky & G for Groovy :laugh: :laugh: damn my memory!

My old roommate LOVED that place. I got dragged a few times. I remember the cover was $10 and I asked if they would mind if I brought a walkman in :D

#6 vicman



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Posted November 22 - 12:23 PM


a walkman?!


#7 Sapexec


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Posted November 22 - 01:58 PM

Clubbing in Rockville. What is wrong with that statement. Since your downtown, why would you want to go to Rockville? Polyesther's in on 7th and F, near the Hard Rock cafe. I imagine it is empty until Thursday. There are better places to go in DC during the week then polyesthers. Tues @ 1223, Wed @ Five.

Guidos UNITE >>>>>>>>>>> :gang:

#8 vicman



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Posted November 22 - 02:34 PM

and clubbing in MD the joint closes down at 2am. lame. even if your hardcore into 80's music at least the polyesters in DC stays open until 4. more duran-duran and nena for ur buck!

#9 tittsworth


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Posted November 23 - 05:46 PM

yeah, uh, no offense, but i think i run like THE only non-embarassing night in moco. krunk saturdays ( info: www.tittsworth.com ). i've been to polyesters on a couple occasions against my will and it was *NOT* pretty (in both locations). best of luck..


#10 tatgirl



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Posted November 24 - 04:24 PM

Closest Metro is Twinbrook station on the red line.