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#1 speedypsycho



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Posted February 13 - 02:38 PM


#2 cmb1975



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Posted February 13 - 03:04 PM

is it worth it?

i know what i want, but it took me a long time to figure it out

#3 zeenon53


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Posted February 13 - 06:21 PM

that shit looks nasty, crack one open, I wouldn't snort it Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

#4 knightcrawler


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Posted February 15 - 12:43 AM

based upon assumption, snorting any powdered stimulant product should not increase the overall total stimulating effect. however, absorption through the mucous membranes should produce a quicker onset.

i suppose if you absolutely can't wait... Posted Image

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#5 neojunglist


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Posted February 14 - 05:20 PM

for ur first post that is a stupid ? party safe but dont sniff an over-the-counter diet pill. p*l*u*r Posted Image

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#6 carsonmartin



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Posted February 15 - 04:45 PM

If you want to snort an energy pill I would do Adipo, its not an herbal eca stack. The herbal ones smell like shit, so if you snorted it you would be smellin it all night, fuck that. Adipo is ephedrine HCI, a white powder, along with a small dose of yohimbe and caffeine, i cracked open one of those pills, its about the size of a bump, and its white powder....I might try it now that i think of it..lol

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#7 sweece


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Posted February 17 - 06:47 PM

it will burn the shit out of your nose. It's definitely not worth it.

#8 njtype-s


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Posted February 17 - 09:12 PM

I snorted one once, and it was NASTY. I smelt dirty hindu all night at EXIT!!

#9 firedup


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Posted February 22 - 06:54 PM

I went to cancun last year for spring break with a couple of friends. We met the craziest girl. She would sniff anything. She had never heard of a stacker. She was from St. Louis I believe. Well, we gave her a stacker 2 for energy. Well, before we knew it she split that sh-- wide open and began to sniff it. She fell right off the bed. It was hysterical. She was all sorts of looped. If you wanna get looped go ahead and give it a try. HA!!HA!!