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    some random sheeeit..

    http://www.izpitera.ru/lj/tetka.swf safe for work...
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    few and far between.... but most are totally cool and about 75% shaggable
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    lol....are the Britts hot or what?
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    I just had a couple questions about the clubs and what not....I have a friend who is under 21 and has a fake id...how strict are they down there? Whats the best night to go where? And dress codes? thanks!
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    Help...Going To Hialeah!

    Get me a medianoche!
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    Help...Going To Hialeah!

    if you run in to any problems.... NEVER FEAR!!!!!! Hialeah... La ciudad de progreso.... donde yo no regreso!!!
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    Jenks Music on a Saturday??

    Short leash and handcuffs.
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    Jenks Music on a Saturday??

    WAS one of them...rumor has it his girl has him on a short leash...
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    awe.. well, you're gonna have to go back! being a clubber, it's a natural progression. That & Ibiza, which I hope to see one day... I could live in London, I really could.... the UK is a music lover's Utopia, IMO... speaking of the UK, did you guys know some satellite radio company is in negotiations to carry BBC Radio One? sweeet!
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    lol yeap i know what u mean
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    Hey, you'd better verify your trip before you buy the plane ticker, because according to Hilton's website, the United Kingdom doesn't exist anymore. http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/promotions/hi_unitedkingdom/index.jhtml?adld=unitedkingdom,redirect,21
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    Fabric is SOLID the whole year through, not just in the summer time
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    Attn: Silverbull

    I'm glad nmn is showing his true self on this thread. He's no different than that bizzag headpusher. And since you dr doom desires to flame as you say silverbull I will thus giff it back to ya. You 3 deserve each other. Get a room orgy freaks. flame on flamers...
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    Shannon Elizabeth

    and she has two! I'll pimp this thread later on...free of charge!
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    i am GAY!!!

    that is pretty funny...
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    Why go through the trouble of ordering X-rays (which sets back the health insurance companies) when he can prescribe a drug (the makers of which were in his office offering him incentives to prescribe it) that might not work, collect his copay for the visit and collect again when the drug doesn't work and you have to come back for a second visit?
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    what is it about coke?

    try saline nasal spray.....
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    people still listen to freestyle? i thought all you had to do was turn on ktu during the day.
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    Would you still ...

    Worst thread ever, and the fact that your still harping on it makes me mad..
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    This means sooooo much to me especially since 99% of your posts ever made are defending Studio 9. The more I read the more I ............
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    Welcome aboard!!!

    Phil, Do me a big favor...set up your own nightlife and entertainment website, and make it one of the most successful in the country with zero venture capital and investors. I seriously don't have time to deal with people like you. If banning you means I get to put food on the table next week, well then it was nice knowing ya. Here's a good start for ya... http://www.vbulletin.com/ http://www.hostway.com/ Come back to me in four years.
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    attn capones_listao

    this looks familar Same content as the attn: Silverbull post http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?t=274403
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    No Vacancies in Seaside!

    I just called about 6 hotels in Seaside from decent to garbage and they are all FULL!!!..Does anyone have any suggestions?