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  1. Any good clubs in Boston?

    Underbar is under th Roxy. There is plenty of space to dance. The sound system is second to none. Come on Jan 5th for Rob Brown. -b
  2. 01/05/08 - Rob Brown - Underbar Saturdays

    FOR MANDY'S GUESTLIST: RSVP HERE -or- 508-942-3685 [email protected]
  3. Rob Brown Rob Brown is the kind of guy who plays by his own set of rules. In an industry where many DJs get booked due to the merits of their production work, Rob stands out as a DJ who has played across North America and Europe without a single production credit to his name. No production credits, that is, until now… His first 12” with Leon Louder on the East Coast Boogiemen’s Label Odds n Ends was featured on JT Donaldson and Lance Desardi’s San Francisco Sessions on OM. Other releases are to follow on labels such as Muzique Boutique, GuessWho, Peaches and Momma’s home Cookin, in addition to unreleased tracks have been receiving play by dj’s like Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Raoul, Heather, Diz, Luke Solomon and Miss Honey Dijon. In his hometown of Montreal, Rob has held residencies at such legendary clubs as Angel’s, SONA, Groove Society, Upperclub and more recently the world famous STEREO. He has also had the opportunity to travel across North America and Europe playing alongside Dj’s such as DJ Spen, Derrick Carter, John Howard, Jeno, Onionz, Mark Farina, Diz, Tony Humphries, Fred Everything and Dj heather to name a few. Musically, Rob is not easily pigeonholed. His sets weave together all types of house music with either a reckless Chicago based mixing technique, or a smoother more programming oriented method. He is nearly always in the mix, yet he understands the delicate balance between layering sounds to create something new and giving a song room to breathe.