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  1. Junior Vasquez

    Some information about the alleged House of God Party II from Vernessa Mitchell's myspace blog: Saturday, January 12, 2008 I will not be in NYC in January! Current mood: Mad they used my name like that! Category: Mad they used my name like that! Parties and Nightlife Family, There is some false advertising going on! I have not been contacted nor contracted to appear in NY, neither has my management, nor my lawyers. I would love to come out and meet my NY family, but it's not right to use someone's name falsely. You guys, please don't spend your money to attend this function if you think I'll be there, because unless someone asks me soon, I won't be. Whenever I have a date scheduled, it will be posted here so you all will be the first to know. I am booking dates for 2008, so if you're a promoter, or you want me to attend one of your functions, please contact my management: Juanita Vann @ Destiny Entertainment: [email protected] Love you all, Vernessa You gonna reap, what you sow.....
  2. Junior Vasquez

    Oh Junior, Junior. Wherefore art thou Junior? I would have to agree with the reviews of Junior's New Year's Day Party for 2008. I arrived fairly late (a little after midnight) to a sparse room (which never has stopped me from having a good time). Did the usual rounds, say your hello's blah blah blah.... THE MUSIC: Junior, the electro sound is not working. As the modern times are changing and technology is on the rise, we, the people, cannot relate or be touched by music that is "electro driven" or "machine sounding"...it simply lacks soul! How can a human soul relate or be touched/driven by such a sound? People want an experience that allows one to step away and forget about the monotony of life, not be reminded of what is occurring in the world. It is apparent that Junior is working with current trends and what is selling in the industry, but isn't originality what always made Junior different and special? I understand that we all have to make some money to survive, but don't forget the people! (Word to the wise, if money is your drive, prepare to see everything fall apart!) When most go out, we want to be inspired, moved and touched by the music. I always thought and believed that house music and dancing were both spiritual in nature...please correct me if I am wrong! As the night progressed and he started going into the more classic house sound, there was definitely a much better response from the crowd. If he had started the night with the way he was ending, the results would have been much better. Word gets out, this one calls that one, the text messages start flying out, before you know it more people do arrive. We all know how it works... People are just not willing to take risks or deal with the unpredictability of the parties nowadays, especially with the rough times and bad economy. Everyone wants their bang for their buck! lol It's difficult to please all, but it seems many are not pleased. Emails from his management commenting on the amazing acoustics and the special surprises are not enough to create hype or draw a crowd. We all have experienced the validity of those emails! Cute attempt with party hats and noisemakers on the tables... Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. They never said what happened for the third time lol ;-) With that said and done, on to House of God @ Pacha! There is still hope. If Junior remains true to the musical theme of the party and hands out those miniature bible key-chains to everyone that attends, there is still hope! People love free gifts! Pacha has a great sound-system and am looking forward to it. Drape the place with white sheets, make it feel like heaven! Gates of heaven kinda theme.... Heck, even get a harp-player! come on now.... a little creativity and a shopping spree at the 99 cent store can go a long way! I wish you all an amazing 2008 filled with all the good in life! Simply, Irresistible!