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  1. Anyone with info on their coordinates for the week? I saw they were gonna be at the Shelbourne pool with victor but, im not so sure... any body got 411?
  2. WMC Advice if you please.

    Yo DIGGA, Are the parties at the shelbourne/nikki free or do I have to get advance tickets? Its kinda funny that I lived in Miami last year during WMC but, I was working and could not participate. It was prob Karma, but fuck it im in it to win it this year... FREEKING AWESOME:clap2:
  3. Where is everyone staying . . . ?

    END OF LINCOLN ROAD @ ryan mahoney's!!! W00t you don't know me, but, i wish i knew you
  4. WMC Advice if you please.

    She knows that I am going for wmc... I just have to see DJ Vibe and Saeed and Palash, and Ultra and I am a happy camper, you peeps are good peeps, thanks for the Advice... I hope to run into you randomly... -Waffen D
  5. Hey all... what up? I gotta slight debacle that I need to unkink. Here is the deal: I am an electronic music enthusiast, my fiancee is not.(Break-up not an option) We are going down to Miami to hang with some friends during WMC week, I want to rip it up, not sleep, party my balls off. She is not so into it and I know she will come to a few events, but wont be feelin it the way I am. I think she will be pissed if I ditch her the whole time were down there and go into a party frenzy. On the other hand, this is the first time I am going to WMC, and I already am overly excited. I do not really know what to do, and I need some advice. I do not want to ruin the week by being with a pissed off g/f. What do ya think? PS: ULTRA? If you have never been, would you go? Thanks all be well.