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  1. David Guetta at Cameo 3/25/08--WMC!

    Madd Bitches....
  2. Boris WMC events

    Surfcober + Boris = Ill shit
  3. Is it worth it?

    1000% worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much to do - so little time - dont sleep
  4. Friday is the Pacha party at Shelborne with Sander, Axwell and Frankie Knuckles...... woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
  5. Where is everyone staying . . . ?

    Shelborne and Clinton South Beach
  6. WMC Advice if you please.

    Different Options 1. Put sleeping pills in her drink early and often. 2. Pick a fight with her and blame her for everything. Joking (kinda) Seriously - What makes WMC, WMC in my opinion are the pool parties during the day. Shelborne has some of the best and you cant miss Thursday's Victor Calderone / Danny Tenaglia party and Friday's Sander Kleinenberg and Axwell party both starting noonish. Even though the beats are poundin they party is poolside and your girl will still enjoy it Im sure. If the pool gets to crowded there is grass and a beach right in the back that people chill and lounge out on. The Nikki Beach Juicy party with Robbie Rivera is also that Thursday and goes all day and night. Another "must atttend" I would try to make her happy but would not hold back this week. I had a friend last year that half-stepped with his gf at WMC and he still got dumped when he got home. See ya there broseph - R-Digga