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  1. After being directed to this site and reading this thread, I felt the need to give some of my intelligent.... thoughts. Let's just say I am "logically speaking" when I say this below. If any of you know about the Opium Group, they are a super monster. During the week, they have themed parties at their venues down south (One of my favorites is lap dance Tuesdays, highly suggest you check it out if you get the opportunity to do so). With that said, Mansion in NY will have themed events during the week and probably split the venue with some hip/hop and house music... logically speaking. Continuing on, the space will not exactly be like Pacha: It is bound to function on bottle service. I am certain that just like Marquee in New York, they would have tables on the dance floor to bring together the bottle drinkers and dancers. Logically speaking. Although I myself have had the opportunity to run around Crobar back when it existed, I highly doubt any of it's old architecture will be still present. I loved Crobar with its tunnel and "dark and dirty" feel at points, but it sure seems like Mansion is pure glamour. And I think that the venue will look nothing like the Miami one, showing how OG really does scream originality. Logically speaking. In terms of music, if you take a look at what they offer down in Miami, I am sure that is what they will be bringing here. And yes, big name hip-hop DJs, and I am sure performers such as rappers, dancers, singers, etc., etc. Since that is the way they do it down there, it should be no different up here in order to continue the praise of the OG name, right? Logically speaking. Then, in terms of crowd… we'll see what happens during the week. I imagine a pretty tight door. Maybe one day will be a little "looser" than the others. But I am sure that the team probably hired a PR group that specializes in A-list celeberties/models/A-list promoters along with other individuals with an attractive exterior for a specific night… that is the way that many of the clubs down in Miami and here in New York are perceived to be like. Once again, just logically speaking. I am sure in a short timeframe we will be seeing a lot of progress and the opening of this nightclub after all of this anticipation. I too, am waiting to see it already. You know the saying, time is money. I am sure Mansion will offer great entertainment with a mature sound and a diverse mix of DJs. Maybe I'll speak to you all soon . --An old friend.