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  1. Where is everyone staying . . . ?

    hells ya. i hear it's a lot of fun. everybody sort of chills out by the pool, listens to house and sips drinks. wow that sounds good right now.
  2. WMC Event Schedule *UPDATED*...

    i've seen posts with radio one and cerdric gervais at the surfcomber on friday? any confirmations???
  3. Where is everyone staying . . . ?

    we spared no expense - Best Western Sobe
  4. i've seen the frog there the last two years at a party called 'the sullivan room.' he played angel two years ago and sin last year which was bangin'. i also noticed he had a set at beatport's remix hotel last year. i'd be shocked if he didn't make an appearance this year. dunno about pj though. brimski
  5. Whattup fellow WMCers, Less than 60 days until we're rockin out to house music poolside. If you're not excited then u don't have a pulse. I f'n love it! This will be my 4th year but I've never hit up the Remix Hotel Pool Parties or the Beatport parties. Have any of you attended these fiestas? P.S. my vote for best day party goes to Radio 1 @ Surfcomber 2007 Thanks, Brimski