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  1. Sun. 24 Oct @ Flex Bar / Amsterdam Experience the biggest Elektrotribe event of the year @ Amsterdam Dance Event! 2 floors, Funktion One + multiscreen visuals Lineup : Jalebee Cartel (India) / Moog Conspiracy LIVE (Berlin / DE) / Breger (DE) / Noisy & Kyoshi Back 2 Back (NL) / J.Flannan (NL) / Drijfhout & Justin Patti Back2Back (NL) / Don Do’nuts (NL) / Ivo Foreal (NL) / Rocstar (NL) / Morninglory (NL) Presales & Rsvp : http://elektrotribe.com/v3/?p=3337 Location : Flex Bar Pazzanistraat 1 (Westergasterrein) Amsterdam
  2. Datensi - Umbel (Album) (EKT000040)

    Elektrotribe Records l 11 Dec 09 Buy l Datensi l Umbel l EKT000040 l Elektrotribe is very proud to announce the release of Datensi´s debut album!!! Datensi´s music comes directly from the antique center of the universe : Greece. Less to say, his music is "Epic" as he prooved with his firsts productions released as Eps & Singles since 2007! Datensi has also produced amazing remixes for labels like Affin, Artminimal & of course Elektrotribe. He is now moving to the long player format, and this move might be one of his most succesfull ! Umbel, Datensi´s debut, is an amazing album, pleasing your ears with laid back minimalist beats turning into a Techno climax through unexpected breaks build up. The album includes ten songs composed through 2008 & 2009 by Manolis Potouridis aka Datensi. Interesting are the collaborations with the Greek producer "Echoline", evolving in a moody atmosphere. Along the album you will met experimental electronic songs, with dissasembled grooves, as well as very straight night music anthems, where echoes & hall effects are abusedly used. Early listening sessions at Elektrotribe headquarter brought those kind of “imagesâ€, boogie electronic robots, Intergalactic Fight, Space Mission, Dark Boogie Invaders, Space Break Zones.... Be welcome in the intergalactic Spaceship, close your belt and cross the fingers! Good Listening! Greetings elektrotribe.com coming soon in 2010 !! 041 : ZigZag vol 3 (Compilation) 042 : Night Ghosts (Compilation)
  3. Elektrotribe Records l 30 Oct 09 Buy l Torro Remote l Transparent l EKT000038 l Torro Remote is letting the Bulls out one more time!!! Torro´s new EP “Transparent†shows a progression in the style of the UK producer. Progression is particulalry adapted term to describe the style of Torro´s new EP! When it goes down to the tracks constructions, building progressively from led back parts, leading to new peak times! Torro Remote integrates with style twisted vocals, that he is resampling along the tracks… For instence Magma, or Transparent ! The new Torro Remote is a very strong EP that will break into rave nearly every dancefloor you put the track on! Futurist, spacial & groovy, without getting in the mainstream clichés, Transparent should reach new peaks, as its small bother “RSN08†did at the beginning of the Year! Comes along with a Bonus track from Torro Remote´s early productions called "Electronic" exclusive on Beatport & elektrotribe.com! Support by James Zabiela, Tocadisco, Farfa, Dj Mini, Einmusik .... Enjoy Torro´s new BomB Cheers www.elektrotribe.com coming soon in 2010 !! 041 : ZigZag vol 3 (Compilation) 042 : Night Ghosts (Compilation)
  4. ZigZag compilations vol 1 & 2

    Elektrotribe is proud to announce the birth of its new monthly compilation!! ZigZag is a new kind of records series! It s aimed at each of you who love music which is not to be heard on fm stations 10 times per day… Which means good music only!!! So let s get down to the music! ZigZag will come out every month and presents a bunch of new innovative electronic productions! Each compilation puts the light on one side of the electronic stage, featuring upcoming artists alongside with long time settled heads of the stage. Music styles are wide open, and this makes in big part the charm of the concept! You never know what is going to happen when you will hear the next track! Kind of cool isn´t it? ZigZag will give lights on each volume to five artists. To keep some suspense for the upcoming ones, names won’t be spread right now. But be sure that the enthusiasm is great among the artists involved in the ZigZag project! You can expect amazing productions, different from what is usually released as electronic music today! Volume 1 : WD40 & Dj Eve Lys, Moosbach, Thorsten Maier, Daniela La Luz, Sozonov & Lera Volume 2 focuses on dirty beats, from bassline electronic to hypnotic & distorted universes! It includes music by Adam Smith, Moss Bart & Marco Parenti, Pol Moreno, Mr Haselbain & Digital Filth! Click on the cover to listen Cheers www.elektrotribe.com coming soon in 2010 !! 041 : ZigZag vol 3 (Compilation) 042 : Night Ghosts (Compilation)
  5. Elektrotribe Records l 02 Oct 09 Buy l Jalebee Cartel l Heat Wave l EKT000036 l Elektrotribe is very happy to welcome the Jalebee Cartel project from India on its board! Following massive parties on the beach in Ibiza this summer, where we have come to mix this enormous dancefloor track “Heat Wave“. We are finaly releasing it alongside with two amazing remixes by raising producers Taster Peter from Italy & Pete Nouveau from Australia. “Heat Wave†is supported by top djs like John Aquaviva or Umek. The release includes three versions of Heat wave + a bonus from Jalebee Cartel´s sound basement in India : Plan will delight the most demanding techno audience! Feedbacks & Reviews::: "Ein echter Techno track mit jeder Menge Höhen und Tiefen!" 6/6 Eva (Raveline Mag) "the track is good .." John Acquaviva "ich mag die tracks! liebe grüsse" Monika Kruse www.elektrotribe.com
  6. Elektrotribe Records l 18 Sept 09 Buy l Error Response l Zen l EKT000035 l Elektrotribe proudly presents the debut album of Error Response. “Zenâ€, the debut Error Response album mixes mysterious film score with downtempo, trip hop grooves, into a masterpiece of sample based electronica… Lifetime producer, Stephen Arnold (AKA Espion – Bass4Bots Records), gave birth to the Error Response project after many years of producing various styles of electronica, liberated by dividing his work into two categories – from industrial and agressive electro as Espion, to downtempo, trip hop as Error Response. As time went on, the music seemed to take on a path of its own, evoking thoughts of Bladerunner-esque, urban environments, with Japanese samurai vibes. The artwork of SHTL conveyed this perfectly, in his absolutely epic CG art piece ‘Sanctus2K9′. The album is the first of three parts entitled Zen, Tao and Chi, which have been in production since 2005. The music fuses sampled loops and phrases with complex interweaving programmed rhythms and synthesized melodies, with an organic flow, dropping into ambient sections, or into more fast drum’n'bass sections, while always sticking to the theme of a mysterious, urban samurai, film noir soundtrack, filled with curiosity, intrigue, thrills, car chases, plot twists, gangsters, cops and femmes fatales. Reviews ::: "A cocktail of only the highest quality dubstep,idm, hip & trip hop, drum n bass, verging on break core! You´ve got to have this one!" L.Napora (Soundrevolt) "18 tracks of deliciously deep and superb produced... music reminiscent of leftfield, massive attack, photek, autechre and mad professor" Voltergeist (Microraverecords) "18 frische tracks mit gut gemachtem und vielseitigem Electronica Sounds!" Alex (Housefloor.de) www.elektrotribe.com
  7. Hi all! We are proud to present the first collaboration EP by BReger & Moog Conspiracy. This 032 release includes 2 new original tracks: "Hinterhalt" & "Du Wars Das", as well as a remix by german producer & dj Marcus Sur (Highgrade / Trapez) Available now in all the download stores + special limited CD edition on our online store. >> Elektrotribe 032 Listen - MP3 - CD Audioclips: 1. Hinterhalt (Original Mix) 2. Hinterhalt (Marcus Sur Remix) 3. Du Warst Das (Original Mix) Feedbacks :::::: Kev Obrien (USA) (ExposureNYC | Proton Radio) "On this like white on rice! 100% support! Both mixes of Hinterhalt are ace!" - 5/5 Andy Newland (UK) (bedrock, ministry of sound, twisted audio, renaissance) "Marcus Sur mix for me, like the flow & the vibe" Turmspringer (DE) (Tonkind) danke für die neue release , haben sie gleich aufgegessen , sehr lecker ..weiter so und mehr davon ..ts Good Listening! www.elektrotribe.com [email protected] Coming soon :::: 033 - Elektrotribe - Tech My House 3 (Compilation) 034 - Animaltek - EP
  8. Hi All! We are proud to announce the release of the new EP of Torro Remote RSN08 Uk dj James Zabiela has been touring since february and playing this huge new track by Torro Remote all over the world. RSN08 EP presents 2 new tracks by Torro Remote, and a remix of the RNS08 track by Digital Filth! Be carefull where you put your feets, this one is explosive. Enjoy! >> Elektrotribe 031 Listen - MP3 - CD Audioclips: 1. RSN08 (Original Mix) 2. HZRD (Original Mix) 3.RSN08 (Digital Filth Remix) Release info & links here Feedbacks :::::: James Zabiela (UK) (Renaissance) 'RSN08 has been ripping up dancefloors all over the world. It's a weapon that I wouldn't leave home without for my sets. Huge gnarly Bass.' Bjoern Scheurmann (DE) (Fassade / Lebensfreude / Paso Music) I'm fascinated 'bout this massive bassline in RSN08 & HZRD I'm sure they will destroy nearly all dancefloors... *respect Good Listening! www.elektrotribe.com [email protected] Coming soon :::: 032 - Breger & Moog Conspiracy - Hinterhalt 033 - Tech My House 3 (compilation) 034 - Animaltek - EP
  9. Hello! We are proud to announce the release of the new single of Datensi on elektrotribe records. After a few releases on Affin & Artminimal labels, Datensi is back on Elektrotribe to present his upcoming album, expected to rave the dancefloor this summer! "Oomph" is a first taste of Datensi musical sphere, he has been enlarging since his first release on elektrotribe. The single is supported by a dirty techno remix by Berlin based producer Moog Conspiracy. Out Now in all the digital stores, and as limited cd edition from our website. >> Elektrotribe 030 Listen - MP3 - CD Audioclips: 1. Oomph (Original Mix) 2. Oomph (Moog Conspiracy Remix) Release info & links here Feedbacks :::::: Andy Newland (UK) (bedrock, ministry of sound) "nice chunky remix" Dr Gonzo (Lu) (Odd.lu / Flying Dutchman) "Great tracks and sounds again!!! Thx very much!" Dirty [M] (USA) (Solvent Ent.) "Really dig the dark feel this track has, will be huge" Good Listening! www.elektrotribe.com [email protected] Coming soon :::: 031 - Torro Remote - RSN08 032 - Breger & Moog Conspiracy - Hinterhalt
  10. Elektrotribe WMC 09 Compilation

    Elektrotribe is proud to present his first mixed compilation at the occasion of the Winter Music Conference in Miami! The compilation includes a selection of Elektrotribe newest tracks as well as a few promos of our upcoming releases,like the huge RSN08 track by Torro Remote , and the first collaboration between Moog Conspiracy & Breger. The one hour mix is delivered by Moog Conspiracy (Berlin). Push the volume & Enjoy The Mix! Download Tracklist 01. Datensi - Oomph (Original Mix) 02. Moog Conspiracy - Back Door 03. Voodoo J - Dop Dop 04. The Free Electric Band - Audioman 05. Slepak - Reggs 06. Alex Tomb - The Gardens Of Babylon 07. Pete Nouveau - Hang The Canary 08. Torro Remote - RSN08 (Promo) 09. Breger & Moog Conspiracy - Hinterhalt (Promo) Elektrotribe www.elektrotribe.com Last releases ::: 030 - Datensi Oomph 029 - Pete Nouveau - When Sounds Collide 028 - Slepak - Spirits
  11. Pete Nouveau - When Sounds Collide

    Hi All We are happy to announce the release of the debut EP of Pete Nouveau on Elektrotribe records. Pete Nouveau sounds comes direct from Sydney, Australia, where he has been active since 2000 as DJ. He has been showcasing his skills in the biggest and most respected clubs in Sydney including Yu, Moulin Rouge, The Cross, Havana, Arq, and So-Ho just to name a few, playing along side some of the most famous names in the Australian dance scene. "When Sounds Collide", shows the natural talent of Pete to produce minimal house songs. The EP includes 3 original songs, and is supported by 2 remixes from Elektrotribe producers : Moog Conspiracy & Breger >> Elektrotribe 029 Listen - MP3 - CD Audioclips: 1. Minus (Original Mix) 2. Minus (Moog Conspiracy Remix) 3. Nouvacaine (Original Mix) 4. Nouvacaine (Breger Remix) 5. Hang The Canary (Original Mix) Release info & links here feedbacks :::::: Chris Fortier (US) (EQ GREY) "moog conspiracy mix is cool and i dig hang canary as well" Jon Sinclair / Slytek (Sp) (Standby Records,M8 Mag) "Tribal/tech house-heads look no further than "Minus" on this release - awesome Original matched by a top remix from Moog Conspiracy." KyneticS (It) (Danceradio.gr) "Solid release, great energy in both tracks. Some fine tunes for early sets. will be playing." Good Listening! www.elektrotribe.com [email protected] Coming soon :::: 030 - Datensi - Oomph
  12. Slepak - Spirits & Reggs

    Hi All We are proud to present the first release of the year on Elektrotribe! New EP by Oleg Slepak, member of Animaltek, who previously released on labels like treibstoff or Wir. the new productions by slepak found their base in the minimal jazzy world and develop all along the EP with techno elements. The EP includes 2 tracks called Spirits & Reggs, and is available in all the digital stores and as cd edition on elektrotribe website. >> Elektrotribe 028 Listen - MP3 - CD Audioclips: 1. Spirits (Original Mix) 2. Reggs (Original mix) Release info & links here feedbacks :::::: Mathias Schaffhäuser (DE) (Ware) very very nice a side, great track, nice atmosphere, perfect beats + sounds! will chart + play it. Jussy Peka (Fi) (Frozen Syndicate) spirits was a nice old schoolish detroit shuffle drive'n float -track will play for sure! Leigh Morgan (Uk) (Urban Torque) Spirits is a nice little number will play Chloe Harris (USA) (further, b-sides, proton radio, litheum) reggs has a bit of funky in it. nice one. Good Listening! www.elektrotribe.com [email protected] Coming soon :::: 029 - Pete Nouveau - When Sounds Collide
  13. Moog Conspiracy - Ground Zero (EP)

    Dear friends The higly expected new record of Moog Conspiracy is finally here! After the huge success of Elements of Density album, Moog Conspiracy is back with a new 50 minutes EP : Ground Zero Including 4 new Tracks and 2 remixes by Breger (DE) & Alex Tomb (UK). >> Elektrotribe 027 Listen - MP3 - CD Audioclips: 1. Ground Zero 2. Dishy You 3. Electric 4. Back Door 5. Dishy You (Breger Remix) 6. Dishy You (Alex Tomb Remix) Release info & links here Supported by : Miss Nine (NL), DOn Almond (Uk), KyneticS (It), Fuzzy Hair(It), Streamteck (Ua), Noisy (NL), Pete Nouveau (Au), Aaron Lee (US)... Good Listening & Merry Xmas www.elektrotribe.com [email protected] Coming soon in 2009 028 - Slepak - Spirits 029 - Pete Nouveau - When Sounds Collide
  14. Elektrotribe Prohibited 001 + 002

    We are happy to announce the launch of our limited free Mp3 serie: Elektrotribe prohibited. Tracks are encoded in mp3 high quality and will be available from beatport at the end of the free download period. Bellow the firsts releases: Grab them while it ´s hot!! Free download Free download Merry Xmas! Elektrotribe Team www.elektrotribe.com
  15. Voodoo J - DouBubble EP

    Hi there! We are happy to announce the release of the new EP of Voodoo J on Elektrotribe records! Doububble includes 3 new pumpin ´minimal tracks: "Dop Dop", "Cheri Cheri" & "Mouss Mouss" A collaboration track produced this summer with Moog Conspiracy is also included, as well as 2 remixes by Datensi (GR) & Harnessnoise (UK) >> Elektrotribe 026 Listen - MP3 - CD Audioclips: 1. Dop Dop 2. Cheri Cheri 3. Mouss Mouss Mouss 4. Dubblegum 5. Dop Dop (Harnessnoise Remix) 6. Dop Dop (Datensi remix) Release info & links here Supported by : Kev Obrien (USA), KyneticS (It), Vital(USA), Greg Desty (CA), Noisy (NL)... GOod Listening! www.elektrotribe.com [email protected] Coming soon: 027 - Moog Conspiracy - Ground Zero 028 - Slepak - Spirits