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  2. Check it out HERE! https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/94155/indicant_indicant Indicant's new self-titled single "Indicant" is a gleaming, polished slice of underground tech/electro house heaven. The Hub Mix is a booming main-floor number with a bouncy cone-shaking bassline and bending 80's-style synth chords. A chopped-up hiphop vocal sample creates a tight background groove along with a peak-hour electric arpeggio. The Rub Mix is a shuffling experimental tech-house piece with strange dueling basslines syncopated off of each other on top of a thundering vintage kickdrum and clattering percussive elements. Digweed protege Royal Sapien is on bloodbath duty with his Butchered Remix, a machine-gun of big breakbeat drums and dark bass elements interspersed with his signature progressive elements.