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  1. fake id

    yeah but I know a couple people whove gotten realllly good ids there. But the place where they got them stopped making them in the past year
  2. fake id

    okay, so I was reading a post about getting a fake id in new york city, and then I realized it was over a year old. So I was wondering, does anyone know where someone still making htem in NYC? I need a really GOOD one and I don't care how much it costs. Thanks
  3. Fake IDs in Boston

    Does anyone know where to get a really good fake id in Boston, or anywhere near boston???
  4. Where can you get a Great Fake ID in NY?

    where is this place called "great ids fake world" and can i have directions for the place where you can get ids for $20? I need a really good id. I'm looking for the best id possible, and i dont care about the price.