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  1. Junior Vasquez

    Junior trusted in Jerome and he took advantage of that. Thats the truth...END OF STORY! now lets all just get along---LOL
  2. Junior Vasquez

    First of all Koby, no one on this board is saying Junior is a saint so stop being brainwashed by Jerome and Sue. Second of all the entire world is on the same page as far as Jerome NOT having Junior's BEST INTEREST AT HEART, you seem to forget that JEROME WAS JUNIOR'S MANAGER AND IT WAS HIS JOB TO DO RIGHT BY JUNIOR, NOT SABOTAGE HIS CAREER. -Jerome burned many bridges for Junior... -He ruined countless relationships with promoters because he refused to pay them. Thats a fact! -He would talk trash about Junior behind his back to anyone who listened. -He was making people PAY for juniorvasquezmusic.com which NEVER materialized, WHERE'S THAT MONEY????????? -He claims he is currently remixing for Britney which is a complete lie---Junior just finished her latest remix this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you ever ask yourself why so many people dislike JEROME FARLEY? Jerome did it to himself and I don't feel one bit sorry. Karma works in mysterious ways! If he is such a great DJ then we all know exactly who to give credit to...JUNIOR VASQUEZ, THE ORIGINAL MASTER BLASTER! JEROME FARLEY IS A FRAUD AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF DEFENDING SUCH AN EVIL, BACKSTABBING HUMAN BEING THAT HE IS. He'll do you wrong sooner than later...mark my words.