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  1. Men attractive to sloppy women....

    what u mean by sloppy...like loose?
  2. Free Drinks?

    Pffft, lol, yeah. Anyway the only time you can get free drinks is when places try out new booze. Like this Sat/Sun Obivia is serving bulldog gin free at certain times for daylight savings. It's a pretty soho affair but supposedly they start playing porn movies after a certain hour...but I digress. My suggestion is to get a job, or get drunk at home.
  3. Club Stereo (33rd St) Closing?

    i was never really into this place but it seems to me like lately a lot of older clubs have closed to make way for posh-y outfits that play shitty shitty music. Maybe I'm generalizing here but I'm curious if anyone else has noticed this
  4. hi there

  5. Club Exit Brooklyn - Reviews?

    lol, that seems pretty standard for Brooklyn...how are they weird?
  6. Bouncers doing Trannies?

    reminds me of a "Sunny in Philedelphia" episode...
  7. Edition Launch Party Goes Viral

    a little pixelated, but...nice
  8. hi there

    hows everyone up to New New York user, why is there even a forum for clubs, why aren't we all just out clubbing??