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  1. Absolute.Hype and Full House Promotion will be throwing one of the biggest event in NYC, celebration of blue party and the return of DJ JR. Come join us and celebrate the craziest house scene, like the old school days.!! Dress Code: what you feel that looks good on you. Ladies free till 11:30 p.m Add me on Facebook.com http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1082472708 if your interested in promoting let me know [email protected] 0
  2. club promoters

    Absolute.Hype is looking for promoters for these upcoming events, Club Rebel 3/23/08, Club Sol 3/27/08. The pay out is you get $5 a head after you bring a minimum of 10 people. $6 a head after you bring a minimum of 30 people. $10 a head when you bring a 100. So thats $1000 in your pocket already. What i mean by our name is that we're legit, we wont be one of those snakes that dicks you over, we're going to meet face to face and me and you are going to sign a contract. Incase one of us get screwed we got a contract to back us up. Thanks Come change the house music scene. Same stuff is getting boring now. You wont regret it! if interested email [email protected]