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  1. 07.25.08-DC-Buzzilfe Pres: Slyde at Eyebar!

    Woot...Eyebar is a cool venue. Perfect for Buzz Oh yeah, and Slyde?
  2. D-Fect reunion in the Mink Room tonight!!!!
  3. One word: GEIN DC aint ready for this.
  4. Dude....I am SOOOOOO stoked for this party. I havent been to a Starscape in a few years and I have missed it sorely!!! WOOT!!
  5. Dude, this week will be beyond ridiculous. JXL AND Tommie Sunshine = Main Room insanity. Not too mention local DnB hero Muramasa repping in the Mink Room!
  6. Woot!! Get some girl
  7. Big night in the Main Room. I effin LOVE Starkillers. That Satori guy isn't too shabby either..LOL.
  8. I know right! This is going to be a crucial night.. Jason and I are going to be rinsing the teched out neurofunk bizness up in the main room.
  9. For real...Suneel has been repping the DC/Va house scene since waaaaay back when.
  10. Just in....DJ Rap will be playing a house set in the main room as well as a DnB set in the Mink Room!!!!
  11. New to the Forums

    Hey all, Just wanted to pop on in and say what's up. I'm a DnB DJ from Washington DC, specializing in tech step and neuro funk.