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  1. Need some club suggestions.

    Anyone? cmon...I'm seriously not a cop.
  2. Need some club suggestions.

    I like almost anything, club/lounge/bar type. I LOVE euro trance and lounge house type...but I'm down for anything...I'm just sorta lookin to get a little drunk, and meet some ladies (yes I'm on the prowl), but also just like meeting people. I'd like to meet the girls that are around 18/19 maybe 20, but then again I also like the more mature crowds, the more trendy places etc. So if it comes down to me meeting the girls at a club with people more age, and then me having to go to a different club to enjoy the more mature crowd, drink a little and socialize then I'm up for that too. downtown police plaza lol funny. im not a cop. i know thats what they all say but i'm an 18 guy that lives in bergen county, nj.
  3. Hey guys. What's up? Newbie here and just thought I'd pop by and say hi. Also, got a few questions. I need some good 18+ club or bar suggestions. Here's the deal. I'm 18, my best is 18, and his two buds are a few weeks shy of 18. Are there any 18+ clubs that are pretty lenient about checking id? On the other had, those two guys might not come so if that's the case, are there any good 21 clubs or bars that are pretty lenient about checking id? Also, what's with everything saying it's 19 now...does that mean 18+ clubs and other venues are basically nonexistent? What's up with that now? Just curious, and i hope you guys can help me out. I really appreciate it, and would be greatful if you guys could keep the humor/sarcasm absent from replies. I'm all for humor, just not this moment. Thanks everyone