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  1. some great podcasts put together by Scion.... Channel 1: Vice Radio This month VICE Radio reached out to some of their favorite buddies and let them take over the production tables. King Khan came through to pack the first hour with his garage favs and tracks that shaped his music. While in the second hour, Steve O'Malley from Southern Lord drowns us with his current favorites from his own label and a few new tracks from his now iconic band Sunn O))). The final hour in this production take over was controlled by Jim McHugh from the rising band Dark Meat out of Athens, Heavily Steeped in Orange Twin, and those Elephant Collective weirdoes. Tune in and enjoy! http://www.scion.com/channel1 Channel 2: The Rub Radio Fresh off tour opening for the legend himself, the Rub DJs scored an exclusive interview with Ghostface Killah. To pay tribute, the boys mix up an hour of classic Wu-bangers and new joints plus a ton of new hip hop and reggae. Throw up your W's with The Rub! http://www.scion.com/channel2 Channel 3: Scion Guest DJ Channel This month the Scion guest DJ channel features a live set from TTC, recorded at the Scion House Party in Los Angeles on December 12, 2007, as well as an exclusive mix from world famous DJ Orgasmic. Guest host, DJ Haul, sits down with the whole group to discuss what has been going on with TTC. www.scion.com/channel3 Channel 5: Wax Poetics Radio This month on Wax Poetics Radio you’re going to need to get your scuba gear in order. This episode of Wax Poetics Radio is going deep. Jazz? Disco? Hip Hop? Funk? Those terms mean nothing on this trip with Wax Poetics. Free your mind and the rest will follow. Musically, they will be passing Negril, Nigeria, Philadelphia and Macho City, along with other uncharted destinations. All aboard! http://www.scion.com/channel5 Channel 8: Root Down Sound This month on the Root Down Sound, J Boogie and Sake 1 came down from San Fran to bless everyone with a live studio set and an in-depth interview that is all pure heat. And as long as there is a Root Down Sound, they will be honoring their fallen brother DJ DUSK, where this month they play one of many excerpts of his live sets recorded at Root Down over the last 10 years. www.scion.com/channel8 Channel 10: Turntable Lab LA Radio This month Turntable Lab LA Radio was taken over by Roctakon. Nothing but the hottest NY garage and disco from this man. He got so into his set that Blu Jemz had to pull him away from the turntables just to make time for the interview. Get ready this one is definitely for the history books! www.scion.com/channel10 Channel 13 Clockout Radio This month Clockout Radio left it to Ghislain Poirier to thaw the February filth with a custom mix that traipses numerous types of styles from soca, booty, hip hop, dub-step, big bass, and huge bounce. Ghislain Poirier tells everyone what this inimitable Montreal talent is about while he sheds light on the synthesis of his gritty cosmopolitan sound. www.scion.com/channel13 Channel 16: IHEARTCOMIX RADIO Straight from the dirty dirty, Treasure Fingers came through Iheartcomix radio with a bunch of new exclusives from his upcoming album. Also in this episode Greg from Acid Girls recaps on what it is like to be a hard working producer in the blogosphere and gets into it with Franki and Mr. Fingers about the current state of music. www.scion.com/channel16 Channel 17 XLR8R Radio This is XLR8R's first of many episodes on Scion Radio. Running things are XLR8R's own in-house heads, Tim, Bryant, and Professor Smith, showcasing a huge variety of artists from their Best of 2007 issue. This show ranges from their pick for best artist, Switch, to a huge variety of genres and sounds including LCD Soundsystem, R. Kelly, El-P, Modeselektor and Dubstep stalwarts, Benga, and Coki. XLR8R is in full control. Strap on your headphones, it's time for XLR8R Radio! www.scion.com/channel17