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  1. 6.7.08 - 10th Annual Starscape Festival - Baltimore, MD

    Only one week. I cant wait.. I am so excited..
  2. Cant wait for Friday Night!!!
  3. Hope to See you there ;-) Going to be a great night.
  4. DJ Angular Bliss will be opening...........
  5. Dj Irene playing Born Slippy remix @ EMF and messing with the crowd.
  6. 6.7.08 - 10th Annual Starscape Festival - Baltimore, MD

    Wow just saw the final flier. I must say this will be an immpressive party...
  7. Yess!!!!! And tomorrow we get to do it again!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Nice.. Every week is so much fun...
  9. Thanks for the info and link. You are right this should be a lot of fun to check out..
  10. And.. Its finally Friday.... Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Sounds like there is going to be an overflow of awesome House tomorrow night.
  12. Some Info about Hatiras. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hatiras&search_type= http://www.funkyhousemusic.com/view_interview.php?id=11
  13. I really want to see Shapeshifters. I always seem to like the UK acts that come thru..
  14. Double the pleasure, Double the Fun :-)
  15. Well i am really looking forward to seeing her for my first time, and cant wait for Jen Lasher and DJ Neekola as well..