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  1. Niyoki Last Fm

    Niyoki is an a amazing singer I love her music I was just on her lastfm sitewere she has her single "Joy" up that has to be one of my fav songs on her album but I really like more then that she has an great album . Fontana http://www.last.fm/user/Niyokimusic Myspace.com/Niyoki
  2. New Music Niyoki's Gospel.

    "Rest" is a great album it's buy a female gospel singer named Niyoki she has an amazing voice and great music I was listeing to her new single "Joy" which is such a excellent song it helps me threw times alot her voice picks me up. she is really one I really like. http://www.last.fm/music/Niyoki Fontana
  3. Canton Jones

    Canton Jones, Is one of the tightest gospel artist I've seen and heard of in a wal I am so ready to hear more from him he has so much great music and is a very blessed person. He is one of the most coolest people I've meet in a longtime of really artist I like and will buy there album i have his great album kingdom business. plus I've been to about 3-4 shows of the hope nation tour but anyway myspace.com/therealcantonjones Musicluv2 fontana
  4. shed some big light on this subject. fontana
  6. New Club Alert!!! 90 Degree In Miami!!

    Yo, these are kind of cool you know. fontana
  7. Roll for Basic Thursdays at dek 23

    Tight pic. fontana
  8. WMC 2008 pics

    Nice Tattoo on the chick she looks good. fontana
  9. What's sup yall?! It's Serina, makin sweet beats at Fontana, was wonderin what yall's plans are for Spring Break? as for me I be goin to Canton Jones's The Hope Nation Tour next month coz his flow be crazy and his beats be hot like his song 24's at www.myspace.com/kingdombusiness08 but enough bout me, what's ya plans?