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  1. 2 Guys on the Rock [sensation EP] PU_RE 002 A 80’s Renaissance (09:01) / B House Sensation (8:32) Composed by 2GotR / Produced by philrodriguez & Petit Ange/ © 2008 10, 9, 8, 7, 6… your eyes are closed. You are in the skilled hands of the two turntable surgeons of 2GotR. Their new release, Sensation EP, starts making you lose conscience. 80’s Sensation track prepares your body. First of all, a powerful anaesthetic is shot. It invades you, a voice guides you from far away, you lose your head. Your mind is captive in Trancy spaces, sometimes acid, progressive, modulating Electro sounds, New Wave memories come back, maybe yours. A regressive future. A geisha waves at you from the facade of a sky-scraper and you are sent back to the 80’s. Your body is eventually ready. House Sensation track cracks in your ears. You get deeper into unconsciousness. Your heart beats faster. In the operating room the 2GotR get sharper. The atmosphere is heavier, headier. The hard tiles and the cold metal echo. Sharp snaps cut as scalpels. A successful nip and tuck operation of electronic aesthetics: you will not even recognise yourself. Available now on : http://www.junodownload.com/ppps/products/1374688-02.htm Reactions: Global Underground 80’s Renaissance: Ace mix of styles, loved the melody at the end, a winner! House Touch: Another quality tune, slightly more subdued than the first. Excellent. Sasha Like the 80s renaissance tune especially Nick Warren I love the 80’s renaissance track ! am playing Jody Wisternoff Really like it ! 80s Renaissance Hernan Cattaneo Both tracks work! Dave Dresden Both tracks rock ! i will mix them into a dj set ! Mashtronic I m playing both tracks! Great stuff! Chloe Harris House touch is really cool. i like it a lot. nice and groovy. will play x Phil Thompson (Moonface) House Touch is also different and unique... i will play this for sure.. Pole Folder 80's Renaissance is a really good track... I'll play and test it for sure ! Matthew Dekay House touch is a great tune! Tony Estrada It was nice, i liked the sensation ep, especially 80's renaissance better. Andy Moor 80’s issance is good. Ton TB (Black Hole) Nice tracks! Flash Brothers Quality progressive tunes! Brisker & Magitman Amazing promo, both tracks are great, especially "80's Renaissance". You’ve got our full support. Contact: [email protected] www.2guysontherock.com www.myspace.com/2guysontherock Booking & management: [email protected]
  2. Sensation EP

    Release date: June 2008 A 80’s Renaissance / B House Touch Composed by 2Guys on the Rock Produced by philrodriguez and Petit Ange / © 2008 sample @ www.myspace.com/2guysontherock GU supports