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  1. Daz Dillinger

    Anybody else bought Daz's new album, "Only On The Left Side"? I tend to be very picky when it comes to hip-hop/rap artists but I have always been a big fan of Daz's music. If you haven't heard any of his new music you should definitely check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TykfanpDRj -Rob UMGD
  2. hey yall, it's rob chillen at fontana and was wondering if anyone heard this new joint Money Ova Here. was just out djing this weekend. always on the lookout for fresh new beats. was playin this new joint Whatcha Lookin At with Stack$ feat. Swizz at myspace.com/stacksmusic. Just got into Stack$ music after watchin his joint with Jah Cure, Flyin High at and its fire. anyone listened to it? can't wait for stack$ crazee & confuzed album to come out June 3rd. my bad for chit chattin, just wanted to share with yall this song Whatcha Lookin At that i be really into right now and seein what yall be thinkin of it.
  3. Melissa Nikita - I Like It Rough [Trackworks]

    good stuff! i dig sample 1.
  4. LiveAtFocus.com - Download Free Sets By House Music's Best!

    thanks for sharin that man. i'mma check it out.
  5. Hey yall, what's good?

    Hey yall, what's good with you? i'm rob livin on the west coast. i be into rap, hip hop, house, reggae, anythng with a good beat to it that get people outta their seats and havin a good time. if ya wanna know more bout me, holla back.
  6. I'm Rob. New here.

    Hey yall, what's good with you? I'm Rob and livin in LA. just wanted to come by to say hi.