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  1. Click here for an audio preview Taurus & Vaggeli formed in 2006 and have steadily grown into one of the hottest up and coming duos in Electronic Dance Music. The US based duo comprised of Leon Weingrad and Angelo Bratsis, have an eclectic sound that crosses boundaries between House, Electro, Techno and a twist of Pop. Their cutting edge sound has grabbed the attention of many top industry talents and labels across the globe. For the two tracks that are included in this release, they have teamed up with Gabriel Ben, who began as a DJ in 1987 and later began to produce in 2002. Gabriel’s productions have been going out to audience’s globally on stations including Radio 1, Kiss FM, Radio FG, Sirius, XM Radio, Proton, Afterhours FM, Vonyc to name a few. Determined to make you move with the pounding beats and funky grooves is how Geronimo hits off this EP. After the first break the tech house influenced synths starts building up more dancing pressure. The chanting vocal and massive club kick work towards the second break and ultimate climax of this tune that breaks into a bigroom house mayhem. Kiss This, the other tune on this release, is another slamming club gem. The firm bass with driving groove and sexy, haunting female vocals shake up every bone in your body. After every breakdown, the beat with the techy and minimal inspired elements, pick up the tune to take the energy to the next level and finally break into a maximum peak hour club frenzy to which everyone will have to surrender! Keep your eyes open and ears peeled to the sounds of Taurus & Vaggeli and Gabriel Ben. Their music has already received massive support from guys like Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, John Acquaviva and Chris Lake. They are determined to keep producing great tunes that you are destined to hear while partying around the globe. DJ Comments Download complete list Erick Morrilo: 3 Stars for Geronimo. Axwell: interesting! Roger Sanchez: 3 stars for Geronimo DJ Chus: Nice peak time tracks. David Vendetta: Both tracks are bombs ! Richie Hawtin: Geronimo! Hideo Kobayashi: Kiss This has a nice groove. Paul van Dyk: thanks. D-Unity: Great package, both are cool tracks, great for the beginning of some of our sets. Andy Ward: Favorite is Geronimo. Antoine Clamaran: Geronimo is my favorite. Eddie Halliwell: 4 stars for Geronimo. Dean Coleman: Great production thank you ! Patrick Hagenaar: wicked tracks. keep em coming Stereo Mutants: Geronimo is the one, good peaktime groove. Tim Andresen (MOS): Sounds good! Erick E (Sneakerz Muzik): Like both tracks. Written & composed by L. Weingrad, A. Bratsis and G. Benedik Produced, mixed & arranged by Taurus & Vaggeli and Gabriel Ben Published by QAP Songs and All-Media Music LTD (p) 2009 Fatal Music Group © 2009 Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Mastering www.taurusandvaggeli.com - www.gabrielben.com Get this release at your favorite digital store now: BEATPORT TRAXSOURCE DANCE-TUNES AUDIOJELLY DJDOWNLOAD DJ-TUNES JUNODOWNLOAD DJMR MASTERBEAT DANCEMUSICHUB BEATSDIGITAL XPRESSBEATS AMAZON TRACKITDOWN FATAL MUSIC
  2. Click here for an audio preview Determined, focused, and strong, Keith Blackstone is finally seeing the fruits of his labor. Relatively new to the world of electronic dance music and culture, it is Keith's talent and conviction that have allowed him to rise so steadily and consistently in this competitive industry. The opening track is the Original Mix of Not So Famous. It is a driving underground club tune with freaky, techy and proggy influenced elements. It’s an overall trippy story and will grab hold of the dance floor for sure! This track comes with a Dub Mix, which is second and is not just a version with no vocals. It contains some and also has slightly different vibe because of the progressive synths and some of the spooky elements of the Original are left out. This Dub Mix is definitely a great addition to the package! Pounding beat and funky techno groove is what Circus Circus is all about. This third track is catchy with its melodic patterns and hypnotizes you from the moment it reaches your ears. Deep, dark progressive with a dramatic vibe is how Tempermental is best described. It is a perfect closing tune of this EP. The synth pads haunt you and the dark rhythm is going to get you. Keith Blackstone is on a roll and with this EP he surely has taken another step into the direction to become an established producer. We can’t wait to hear more! DJ Comments Download complete list Richie Hawtin: Original Mix! Dubfire: 5 Stars for Not So Famous. Alan Fitzpatrick: Thanks, liking this guys. Jesse Voorn: Will play Tempermental in my radioshow. Rulers Of The Deep: very good NYC tech! DJ Vibe: I'll support! Thanks! D-Unity: Will Support. Cheers!! Danny Torrence: Tempermental is the one for me. The Cube Guys: Original Mix of Not So Famous is our fav. Miss Nine: Tempermental for me. Written & composed by K. Blackstone Produced, mixed & arranged by Keith Blackstone Executive producer: Jaimy Published by Fatal Music Publishing / Talpa Music (p) 2009 Fatal Music Group © 2009 Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Mastering www.keithblackstone.com – www.myspace.com/keithblackstone.com Get this release at your favorite digital store now: BEATPORT TRAXSOURCE DANCE-TUNES AUDIOJELLY DJDOWNLOAD DJ-TUNES JUNODOWNLOAD DJMR MASTERBEAT DANCEMUSICHUB BEATSDIGITAL XPRESSBEATS AMAZON ITUNES TRACKITDOWN FATAL MUSIC
  3. Check the previews & info at Drum Mode 01. Charles Moui - Interlude 02. Charles Moui - Babylon 03. Jaimy & Kenny D and Victoria Wilson James - Never Stop 04. Jaimy & Kenny D ft Ike - Muzik Pleaze 05. Jaimy ft Jmac - I’ll Be There (Terrace Mix) 06. Dutchican Soul & Pridian - El Ritmo (Soul Collector Mix) 07. United Fruit Company - I Wish All Your Girlfriends Were Hot Like You (Soul Collector Remix) 08. Digital Overdrive - Let’s Get Dirty 09. Noa Tylo - The Feeling (Jaimy Remix) 10. Jaimy & Kenny D - Keep On Touchin’ Me (2009 Drum Mode Rework) 11. Soul Collector - Deep Down Inside 12. Jaimy - Samba Dreams 13. Jaimy - Last Man Standing Strong 14. Jaimy - Metropolitan 15. Drum Mode presents House Kitchen Vol.02 (Mixed by Jaimy) House Kitchen is a compilation series on Drum Mode and offers a musical menu for everyone who is hungry for some soulful and sexy house music. This second volume features 14 single tracks, plus full mixed version by label honcho Jaimy. A package varying from Deep, Latin to pumping Disco, Vocal House, including a brand new, unreleased remix of Jaimy & Kenny D's anthem Keep On Touchin' Me as well as I’ll Be There by Jaimy ft Jmac also appearing on one of the latest Hed Kandi compilations. DJ Comments: Erick Morillo: 5 Stars Kid Massive: Deep Down Inside is a nice track. 3 Stars Stereo Mutants: damn fine album overall, Deep Down is the one though. 5 Stars DJ Chus: Deep Down Inside. A summer track! 4 Stars Richie Hawtin: Downloading The Feeling. 3 Stars ATFC: El Ritmo will work well for me thanks. 4 Stars Roger Sanchez: Will test! 3 Stars Andy Ward: Deep Down Inside is my Fav. 3 Stars Roog (Hardsoul): cool package. 4 Stars Richard Earnshaw: Muzik Pleaze may come in handy for the club sets but most support on radio.. 3 Stars Miss Nine (Yoshitoshi): Nice Summer feeling grooving tunes. 4 Stars Behrouz Nazari (Yoshitoshi): Deep Down Inside is my favorite. 4 Stars Abel Aguilera (TommyBoy): Great tracks ! Deep Down is the shit ! 5 Stars DJ Vibe: Thanks. My fav is I Wish All Your Girlfriends Were Hot Like You. 3 Stars Graham Sahara (Pacha Ibiza): I will test Muzik Pleaze. 4 Stars Tommy Marcus (Rapido): nice collection of house grooves perfect for the summer. 5 Stars Rob Boskamp: El Ritmo by Dutchican Soul plus Soul Collector and several others...brilliant package that'll play to death during this summer! 5 Stars Ramon Castells (Space Ibiza): good tracks!!! 5 Stars Tim Andresen (Ministry Of Sound): Some great stuff here! 4 Stars Get this release at your favorite digital store: Beatport Traxsource Dance-Tunes Audiojelly DJDownload DJTunes Junodownload DJMR Masterbeat DanceMusicHub BeatsDigital Xpressbeats Amazon iTunes Trackitdown Compiled & mixed by Jaimy ℗ 2009 Drum Mode @ Fatal Music Group © 2009 Drum Mode @ Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Music Studio www.drummode.com - www.djjaimy.com
  4. Are you caught up with the latest Fatal tunes? Buy @ Beatport 1. Kult Of Krameria - Daz It Mean (Dieter Dressler Remix) 2. Kult Of Krameria - Daz It Mean (Dieter Dressler Dubstrumental) 3. Solid Façade - Work Me (Dieter Dressler Remix) 4. Solid Façade - Work Me (Dieter Dressler Dubstrumental) This package features 2 incredible tech house remixes, both by Dieter Dressler, on two of Fatal’s hottest tunes to date: Daz It Mean and Work Me. Buy @ Beatport 1. Redkone - Rosa Brava (Original Mix) 2. Redkone - Rosa Brava (Jaimy Remix) 3. Redkone - Rosa Brava (Jaimy Dubstrumental) Redkone is a talented Portuguese production duo. They have released work on labels such as Star69, Stereo Productions, Magna Rec and Kaos Rec. Now they return on Fatal Music with their brand new single ‘Rosa Brava’. Buy @ Beatport 1. Jaimy - Glossy Lips (Original Mix) 2. Jaimy - All Day All Night (Original Mix) 3. Jaimy - The Ride (Original Mix) 4. Jaimy - Bring It (Original Mix) A warm up for Jaimy’s new compilation coming at the end of June! These tunes are supported by: Dubfire, David Tort, Mastiksoul, Tim Andresen, Rulers Of The Deep, Boris, Abel, Miss Nine, Tom Stephan, Tedd Patterson, Mario Calegari, Ant Nichols, Marcella, Rob Boskamp, DJ Vibe, DJ Paulo, Dutchican Soul, Steven Redant, Luca Ricci and many others.
  5. Check the previews & info at Drum Mode Buy at Beatport Buy at Traxsource Buy at DJDownload Buy at Junodownload 01. Charles Moui - E Minor (Intro Edit) 02. Charles Moui - Deep In Africa (Original Mix) 03. Grooveact - Loose Pants (Original Mix) 04. Eugen Lisin ft Alina - Out There (Grooveact Remix) 05. Sex & Candy - How You Make Me Feel (Original Mix) 06. Jaimy - 4Play (Original Mix) 07. Jaimy & Kenny D - Showing Horns (Original Mix) 08. The Drum Mode Project - Oh Na Na (Original Mix) 09. Dutchican Soul & Dulac - Impress Me (Jaimy Mix) 10. United Fruit Company - Need U (Original Mix) 11. Jaimy & Kenny D - U Got Me Burning (Original Mix) 12. Soul Collector - Meeting On The A-Train (Original Mix) 13. Jaimy - Last Man Standing Strong (Original Mix) 14. Drum Mode presents House Kitchen Vol.01 (Mixed by Jaimy) House Kitchen is a new compilation series on Drum Mode. This first volume is compiled and mixed by label owner Jaimy and features 13 brand new exclusive tracks in the Deep House / House genre. A musical menu for everyone that is hungry for some good ol’ house music. Catalog nr: DMCDD001 Compiled & mixed by Jaimy (p) 2009 Drum Mode @ Fatal Music Group © 2009 Drum Mode @ Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Music Studio [email protected] www.drummode.com - www.djjaimy.com
  6. Check the previews & info at Fatal Music 01. Raw 02. Hot Smoke 03. Lose Control 04. Tech Ho's Serial Smokers is the moniker of Jaimy & Kenny D under which they release their more underground club productions. They are back with a brand new EP of 4 banging tunes called ‘Hot Smoke’. The opening track is Raw and it’s a hypnotizing driving progressive house tune. Its pounding dark beat, trippy proggy synth lines and threatening string drive the track to its climax. With big drums and tech house elements in the break the tune burst into a big room energy bomb that will blow up the roof. Hot Smoke is the following track that is a tech house samba stormer. Its freaky, funky and nasty, all in one. Shakers and dark beats with hunting effects make this tune a slammer on the dance floor that will get all the girls shaking their hips. Lose Control is another pumping tech house record with a more old-skool tribal feel to it. A great gem for the late night or after-hour floors. As the title claims this is definitely a tune that will make you lose control. The final tune is titled Tech Ho’s. A creative deep and dark tech house bomb. It takes you on a trip with its almost electrifying arrangement of a lot of modern techy elements. Djs who serve this can be sure it will fill the floors. www.fatal-music.com - www.djjaimy.com - www.fatalmusicgroup.com Written by K. Doekhie, composed by D. Buné Produced, mixed & arranged by Serial Smokers Executive producer: Jaimy Published by Soul Flow Music / Universal and Soundshapes Publishing / Talpa Music (p) 2009 Fatal Music Group © 2009 Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Studio
  7. Check the previews & info at Fatal Music 01. Jaimy Remix 02. Jaimy Remix Dubstrumental 03. Original Mix 04. Drum Dub Up & Running is a 4 track single by PMS. This is a package of tracks that will serve a solid party night well by making sure the crowd keeps dancing and the floor keeps shaking. Read the 365Mag review here. First on the platter is the Jaimy Remix. It’s truly a pumping house tune overall but Jaimy certainly has incorporated all the sounds that are hot this day. The track builds up immensely with roaring synths and electro influenced parts into a madness of sound that blows off the roof, breaking down again into the dry pounding beats with the groovy chanting voice. The Dubstrumental is without the vocal elements in the breaks for those who need it. The Original Mix starts off with a more Latin House feel because of its percussion but remains a fierce House tune with many tech inspired parts as well. The soulful chords and subtle shakers take it up a notch and a female voice is added in the mix. This is definitely a version for the darker rooms and crowds that really wants to get deep and dirty. The Drum Dub is almost the same as its predecessor but is, as the title suspects, more about the percussion. Written & composed by D. Buné Produced, mixed & arranged by PMS Executive producer: Jaimy Published by Soul Flow Music / Universal (p) 2009 Fatal Music Group © 2009 Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Studio
  8. Check the previews & info at Drum Mode 01. Original Mix Radio Cut 02. Original Mix 03. United Fruit Company Remix 04. United Fruit Company Remix Radio Cut 05. United Fruit Company Dubstrumental 06. Friscia & Lamboy Dub Pumped Mix 07. Drum Mode Club Mix 08. Jaimy’s Brasil 2010 Dub In case you didn't see it yet, there is also a great video! Check it out here on youtube! Drum Mode is proud to present a collaboration between 3 veteran and well respected artists of the international dance industry. Teaming up are the fabulous Victoria Wilson James and Dutch production duo Jaimy & Kenny D. Together they have recorded a song Never Stop which is originally written and performed by The Brand New Heavies and was one of their biggest successes back in the early 90s. The tracks have already received plays at: Fresh FM, 3FM (Sense of Dance), SSR Radio, Kiss FM, Party Radio USA, Dance One Radio, Pure FM, MOS Radio, Unknown FM, Gaydar Radio, UK Flow Radio, Purehousemusic Australia, Global FM Spain, Radio Studio 5 Italy and others... On the remixes are United Fruit Company and Friscia & Lamboy. The United Fruit Company Remix has a more modern approach. The mix builds up with a pumping club beat and added dirty electro-ish influenced house sounding arrangement, keeping the vocals extremely powerful and in your face. The catchy melodic flute and beautiful violins after the breakdown add even more energy to the mix. Friscia & Lamboy are no strangers in the international scene and they have delivered massive remixes to some of the biggest pop stars of today like Justin Timberlake, Brittney Spears and Nelly Furtado. Their Dub Pumped Mix is an extremely rocking and driving mix that will do some serious floor damage. It is a fusion of club, tribal, tech and progressive house with part of the vocals blended throughout the mix giving it a funky, uplifting but also dark and nasty vibe. Added to the package are 2 Radio Cuts of the Original Mix and United Fruit Company Remix. As well as a Drum Mode Dub, a soulful harmonic house track with a recognizable part of the vocal only used a very few times, and the Brasil 2010 Dub by Jaimy, a funky house tune with lots of shakers and samba vibes without overdoing it. Written by Jan Kincaid, composed by The Brand New Heavies, London Music Ltd. (PRS) All rights administered by Warner/Chappell Music Holland B.V. Vocal performance Victoria Wilson James Produced, arranged & mixed by Jaimy & Kenny D Artwork concept by Karl Grady with special thanks to Martin Grady (p) 1991 The Brand New Heavies © 2009 Drum Mode @ Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Music Studio www.myspace.com/victoriawilsonjames www.djjaimy.com www.myspace.com/kennydsoundshapes
  9. Check the previews & info at Fatal Music 01. Touch Me (Original Mix) 02. Touch Me (Dubstrumental) 03. Everybody Get Up (Original Mix) 04. Everybody Get Up (Dub Mix) Soul Collector is a new name that is already spinning ears with their pumping house beats. Get ready for this new release 'Everybody Get Up'. Its a true house bomb that will turn any party into a complete dance frenzy. The Original Mix of Touch Me is a mix of the old and new skool in the house genre. The funky groove, housy organ stabs and uplifting vocals mixed make this a disco sounding house stormer that keeps the energy at a high level for sure. Following is the Dubstrumental which is of course the version without vocals. Everybody Get Up is another fantastic house gem. Its darker and dirtier than the first half of this single. The energy is build up fast especially by the vocals telling everybody to get up. The combination of the tech, tribal, progressive and house influences create a great floor cracker that is a necessity in any DJs arsenal of tunes. Also this track comes with a Dub Mix. Touch Me: written & composed by D. Buné Everybody Get Up: written & vocals by Juan Wells, composed by D. Buné Produced, mixed & arranged by Soul Collector Executive producer: Jaimy Published by Soul Flow Music / Universal and Talpa Music (p) 2009 Fatal Music Group © 2009 Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Studio [email protected] www.djjaimy.com
  10. Check the previews & info at Fatal Music 01. Mike Kings Remix 02. Original Mix 03. Dubstrumental In2ition features the vocals of New York’s sexy bad boy Noa Tylo. Noa Tylo is considered an international rising star, with media coverage of his performances in Europe and South Africa as well as Billboard charting singles. The opening track of this single ‘Keep Pushing’ is the Mike Kings Remix. Mike Kings is a young and very talented producer from Portugal who’s on a role having released singles at several record labels the past year. His approach to this remix has resulted in a true quality Techno track. It builds up with a driving beat, incorporating some minimal and old-skool techno elements. The track builds up with haunting effects and after it breaks down, it keeps pounding those beats with the solid groove that will not let anyone go. The Original Mix has a more tech house feel to it. The dirty pads, the slamming club beat and nasty vocals make this mix a heavy house bomb ready to take over the dance floors everywhere. For those who prefer it without the vocals, they can drop the Dubstrumental. Catalog nr FM035 Written & Vocals by Noa Tylo Composed by D. Buné Produced, mixed & arranged by In2ition Remixed by Mike Kings © + (p) 2009 Fatal Music @ Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Studio [email protected] www.fatal-music.com - www.noatylo.com - www.myspace.com/themikekings
  11. Turn It Up EP by Jaimy

    Check the previews & info at Fatal Music Support: David Vendetta, Roger Sanchez, Hector Romero, Dave Lambert, Behrouz, Tedd Patterson, DJ Vibe, Stuart Miller, Patrick Haagenaar, Funkerman, Fedde Le Grand and others... "In it's (roughly) two decades of existence, the house scene has seen a number of generations adding value to the industry. One of the key figures of the Netherlands's 'first generation DJ's' is Jaimy, who has been among the most popular artists to emerge from the, then, underground scene. Both as a solo artists as well as collaborating with Kenny D, Jaimy dropped numerous bombs while establishing himself as a credible club DJ both in his native country as abroad. After a few years of relative silence, Jaimy is back with a brand new EP on his own Fatal Music imprint titled Turn It Up... Jaimy has often been labeled a tribal DJ much to his own displease, but this four-tracker proves that he has cooked up some brand new tricks. Opening track A Little Closer immediately bangs the box with a stomping club kick and growling bass lines and effectively builds up towards a more melodic sequence. The breakdown sounds a bit trancey/proggy and features some very well produced vox after which the track explodes in a powerful climax spiced up with rave-style synths. Maximum floor damage guaranteed! Turn It Up is a more throbbing monster with powerful bass-lines and chunky beats that form a solid house groove, which is completed by sexy vox and a vibrant buzz synth on top. WhatEva WhenEva adds a bit of darkness to this EP with haunting synth sweeps, psychedelic effects and a minimal rhythm structure, making it a weapon of choice for all house and minimal techno jocks to play during peak time clubbing hours. Closing the EP is the 2009 Remix of Soulmates. This drum-riddled house monster with techy elements has some nasty surprises for ya in the form of low down dirty bass-lines and a no-nonsense punch-packing groove for straight on clubbing madness... Jaimy's back and he brought us a very nice gift in the form of four powerful, high-quality club bangers! The production is very solid and remarked by crisp sounds, block rocking beats and roof-raising synths. In other words, a bundle that has 'full throttle' written all over it and a recommendation to DJ's who like to see the audience getting blown off their socks." (by 365Mag.com) Catalog nr FM034 Written & composed by D. Buné Produced, mixed & arranged by Jaimy Published by Soul Flow Music / Universal © + (p) 2009 Fatal Music @ Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Studio [email protected] www.fatal-music.com www.djjaimy.com www.myspace.com/djjaimy
  12. Get your promo now at DJTunes Check the previews & info at Fatal Music Support: Erick Morillo, Baggi Begovic, Hector Romero, Dave Lambert, Ralphi Rosario, Damian Wilson, Tim Andresen, Mr Spring, David Knapp, DJ Vibe, Tedd Patterson, Marcella, Luca Ricci, DJ Chard, Stuart Miller and others... Once again Fatal Music brings you a release by Kult of Krameria. This time they are remixes of Lo Puro. The original was released in 2006 and now Jaimy has added his unique flavor to it. The package is a blend of the house and progressive house genre with sexy latin percussion. The first track is the Jaimy Fatal Dub. It builds up with pounding kick and a Latin rhythmic arrangement, overlapped by warm techy sounding synths. Gradually the elements get dirtier and nastier. Massive energy on the dance floor guaranteed! Next is the Jaimy Remix which is very melodic and mellow. Spanish and Arabic elements provide a dreamy atmosphere. A great house tune, to bring on that special feeling for the night. For those who missed out on the initial release, we have included the Original version as well. It is an eight minute silky house track full of the Kult of Krameria style and poise. Imbedded deep within the song lays the atmosphere of SoBe and Ibiza rolled into one. Thick warm beats run up your spine and push you to dance Kult of Krameria is a Portuguese production duo as well as a live electronic band, based in Lissabon. They have been involved in the dance music scene since 1994 and had releases on several labels across the world, like Twisted America, Music Man Records and Dig It. They are behind the dance floor hits ‘Voodoo Drums’, ‘Love & Happiness’, ‘The Prophecy’, ‘Egocentrik’, ‘Hopes & Dreams’ and in 2004 ‘Esperança’/’The Voodoo Doll’ released on Twisted America, including remixes by Danny Tenaglia. Credits: Catalog nr FM033 Written by Luis Miguel Abreu & Miguel Angelo Santos Produced, mixed & arranged by Kult of Krameria Remixed by Jaimy © + (p) 2009 Fatal Music @ Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Studio [email protected] www.kultofkrameria.com www.djjaimy.com
  13. Get your promo now at Beatport Check the previews & info at Fatal Music Don’t Get It Twisted ft Jennifer C is a project from 2007, when we released the original package of 6 mixes. Because this release was so well received, we decided to have it remixed. Enter Stephan K and United Fruit Company! Stephan K is a well accomplished producer that had huge successes with his partner John Creamer around 2001. And we are very pleased, to say the least, to have him on board for this project. He delivers two mixes that are both very diverse. The first, Vocal Mix, is a progressive house production with tech and electro house elements here and there. A throbbing dark bass and eerie, melodic keys make the theme of this mix. Following is his After Hour Dub. This is not just a dub version of the vocal mix, but a slightly different concept. It’s a creative arrangement with almost electrifying ingredients. It is dark, driving and minimalistic at the same time. The third track is a remix by United Fruit Company. This is a Dutch project that released their first dance production back in 1999. Their Vocal Mix is an uplifting, melodic house gem. It has a great energy, especially building up towards a hands-up-in-the-air moment after the break. The Dub has a more moody, progressive house feel to it. A track that is perfect for the late night, or morning sessions, where everyone just wants to get lost in the music. The last track is the Original Mix, for those who missed the first release in 2007. World Wide release date: 05 January 2009 Catalog nr: FM032 Credits: Written by Glen Friscia, Frank Lamboy & Jennifer Carbonell Produced, arranged & mixed by Glen Friscia & Frank Lamboy for Friscia & Lamboy Music Vocals by Jennifer Carbonell Remixed by Stephan K & United Fruit Company Published by Friscia & Lamboy Music © + (p) 2009 Fatal Music @ Fatal Music Group Mastered @ Fatal Music Studio [email protected] www.myspace.com/frisciaandlamboy www.myspace.com/stephanekaneda
  14. FM031 Release date 16.06.08 01. ORIGINAL 02. DRAGONBALL MIX LABELCOPY “A simple, jacking groove gets it going with only a hint of his usual madness, but this track has some seriously warped and demented vocals which take it from being merely good to being great. Sitting somewhere between Carl Craig and Derrick Carter in freakiness it works so well because it keeps the vocal as the main event. The music is a bed of jacking minimal beats and a dash of wobbling synth for good effect.†By Rob Warner for Our House Magazine / Music Spiel “Don’t know what it is about this one, but its a little dark, has a nasty shake to it, and for some reason... the chez vocal really reminds of those ol’ lights out days with monsieur Lawler! In essence, this track will creep all over you!†By Simon Jain for Nocturnal Magazine www.djjaimy.com – www.myspace.com/djjaimy Also check out Jaimy’s special Traxsource ‘Feel The Funk’ chart!
  15. 2 hour house mix by Jaimy

    Hello Everyone, Here are some new links to a few new house mixes by Dutch dj/producer Jaimy. ENJOY Jaimy - 08Spring Mix Tracklist 01. Scrimshire - Warm Sound - Wah Wah 45rs 02. Jaimy, Kenny D & Victoria Wilson James - Never Stop - Drum Mode 03. Real People ft Darien - Alibi - Papa 04. Jaimy - Mind, Body & Soul - Drum Mode 05. Copyright - Wizeman - Defected 06. Karizma - It's What I Am - R2 07. Jaimy - Feel The Funk - Fatal Music 08. Carl Cox & Yousef - I Want You - Cr2 09. Muzzaik - Drama - Azuli 10. Pridian - Beautiful Goodbye - Drum Mode 11. Sex & Candy - Like Your Here - Drum Mode 12. Tech Heads - Show You - Fatal Music 13. The Fog - Been A Long Time - cdr 14. Lissat & Voltaxx - In The Bush - Kingdome Kome Cuts 15. Mind Fuckers - I Love You - Fatal Music 16. Luca Ricci - Historia De Amor (FM Reworks) - cdr 17. Manny Ward & Craig Mitchell - Tribal Zone - cdr 18. Asia Lynn - Does Your Wife Know - D Sharp 19. Alyson Williams - Sleep Talk - cdr 20. Gipsy Tribe - Burning - Fatal Music 21. Madonna - Music - cdr Jaimy - Alpha Radio March 2008 part 1 Jaimy - Alpha Radio March 2008 part 2 Tracklist PART 1 01. Osunlade - My Reflections – Strictly Rhythm 02. Jaimy - Feel The Funk – Fatal Music 03. UHM & Tony Flexx - Our House - Secure 04. Jimpster - Dangly Panther - Freerange 05. Kult Of Krameria -Lo Puro (Jaimy mix) – Drum Mode 06. Eugen Lisin ft Alina - Out There (Jaimy Mix) – Drum Mode 07. Mouse T - so Horny - Cdr 08. Jaimy & Kenny D - Keep On Rollin – Drum Mode 09. Delerium – Silence - Cdr 10. Pridian vs NielC - El Ritmo - Drum Mode PART 2 01. Bucketheads vs Missy Eliot - Work That - Cdr 02. Dj Geek - Make Your Move - Cdr 03. Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You - Cdr 04. Madonna – Music - Cdr 05. Gipsy Tribe – Burning – Fatal Music 06. Indeep - Last Night A Dj Saved My Life - Cdr 07. P.M.S. - Bass Of Love – Fatal Music 08. Britney Spears- Slave 4 You - Cdr 09. Dj Geek – Drummer - Cdr 10. Shanon - Let The Music play - Cdr 11. Beyonce - Naughty Girl - Cdr