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  1. So, I just joined, and this might not be in the right place. f I posted this in the wrong place, I'm sorry!! Just let me know, and I'll be glad to move it. I just need help with this question I have is all..... Okay, so today is my 22nd bday, but all of my friends have exams tomorrow morning, so we couldn't go out anywhere today... I thought it would be easier to find someplace for a Friday, but apparently, a lot of places have an 18+ thing on Thursdays, and 21+ on Fridays.... Some of my friends are 19 and 20, and I know some of them don't have fake ids. I'm just looking for a club that we can go to tomorrow night, that allows in peeps under 21. I tried contacting Club Abyss, and Bliss Lounge, but idk, I didn't get any response back about whether they let in peeps under 21 on Fridays, and their sites didn't say, but I've been told by others that it's 21+. So, I just need suggestions! Please!! And my bff can't go to NYC tomorrow night, so preferably someplace in New Jersey, b/c I really want her to be able to come. She suggested someplace called th Coliseum or something, but then told me it's a gay club, and I know some friends will freak... and idk I mean, I'm not gay, would there be a purpose in me going to one?