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  1. Jet

    Dude. Holly $hit. I got my mind set on Body English last week. Threw down $50 on Black Jack. Made $130, Put that on Black on Roulette... then on the field in craps. Bought the $400 bottle service at Body English. The drink girls there alone are worth that.. man! SO HOT! I just new that it was "hells kitchen" or whatever from reading on here. What I didn't know was who the guest dj was. John Digweed! When he came out and started banging beats I was out of control He kept tearing it up all night... house just the way I like it :-) I remember seeing him at Raves In Colorado like 10 years ago.. big ass dance partys in ware houses etc... then to see him in Vegas.. Nice. Very nice. SO yeah... Body english is ill. :-)
  2. Jet

    Yo... you seem to have tastes more similar to mine... which clubs don't you see as armature hour?