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  1. Year001 mixcomp

    out now on beatport and every other major mp3 portal FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 22, 2008 By Justin Kleinfield, Rephlektor Ink friskyRecords celebrates its first anniversary with the catalogue spanning EP friskyRecords: Year001 Encompasses the vast friskyRadio community of both new and accomplished producers to offer exciting remixes of tracks from year 001 ***EP to air exclusively on friskyRadio!*** Dance music is a labor of love and it’s truly a global kinda thing. Case in point: there are few music genres that claim undisputed international superstars from all over the world. Traditionally, rock music has found a majority of its greatest stars only in English speaking countries such as the United States and United Kingdom. However, dance music is wide open. The sounds coming from places like Holland, Israel, Argentina and Germany have no boundaries and the dancefloor knows only one language. With such an open-minded form of music comes the need for a label to act as a place to bring likeminded people together. That’s where friskyRecords comes in. In one year, the fledgling label has supplied the world with some of the hottest progressive dance music in the world and it’s received glowing support from genre kings such as John Digweed, Sasha, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Dresden and Deep Dish’s Sharam. As a gift to its loyal supporters, friskyRecords’ Faisal Sultan and Ira Heinichen have compiled an EP release spanning the material released on the label during it’s first year. Entitled Year001, this release does not come without a twist. Keeping true to their belief in exposing the freshest music and talent on the planet, the friskyBoys reached out to their entire friskyRadio community of both established and novice producers to create brand new remixes of each track. The result is inspiring, exclusive, and reflects the sound from dancefloors both near and far. "The debut year of friskyRecords has been a real learning and humbling experience. We started this label with one core mission in mind: To bring forth what we felt was the best in electronic dance music from the brightest talents in this industry. I think we surpassed all goals that we had for ourselves and the label. The depth of talent and dedication of our artists; and the passion of our fans and listeners all around the world has been the core reason why friskyRecords has enjoyed such a successful debut year. We hope you will continue this journey with us in years to come. Thanks for all the support." – friskyRecords founder, Faisal Sultan Year001 EP features seven re-releases including two Top 10 hits and one #1, two brand-new tracks and five remixes exclusive to the EP. Artists appearing on the EP include Pole Folder (also responsible for friskyRecords’ first CD release Destinations), Cid Inc. (Mashtronic), Patch Park (formerly Perry O'neil), Jerome Isma-ae, Lemon8, Soliquid, Powerplant, Deep Mariano and Logiztik Sounds. The continuous mix will air exclusively on friskyRadio "Year001 is primarily a project of community - we've opened our entire catalogue, both past and soon to come, to our immensely talented group of artists and this compilation is the result. It represents where we've been and where we're going, but most of all, it's a snap-shot of the friskyFamily at the forefront of this industry" – friskyRecords label manager, Ira Heinichen friskyRecords is the label offshoot of friskyRadio. Founded in 2001 by Faisal Sultan, friskyRadio is an online radio station at the forefront of distributing underground dance music on the internet. With more than 90 exclusive shows hosted by artists that range from the "Bedroom DJ" to the International Superstar, friskyRadio has earned a reputation for delivering consistent quality in programming and the most upfront music to thousands of daily listeners from all around the globe. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ VARIOUS ARTISTS friskyRecords: Year 001 Tracks 1. Niko Fantin - Zoofisticated (Soliquid remix) 2. Hassan Rassmy & Sarp Yilmaz - Fasad (CJ Art & Marcooz remix) 3. Fady Ferraye - Beirut (Noyd remix) 4. Pole Folder - Riverside (Deep Mariano remix) 5. Fady Ferraye - Beirut (Patch Park remix) 6. Facundo Mohrr - Wooster St. (Ira Heinichen remix) 7. Niko Fantin - Blue Magic (Lemon8 remix part 2) 8. Pole Folder - Eastern Lagoon (Logiztik Sounds & Mauricio Duarte remix) 9. Kostas B vs. DJ Tim & Andy Vasilos - The Manimal 10. Facundo Mohrr - Wooster St. (Cid Inc remix) 11. Federico Epis - 10 O'clock (Niko Fantin 4am remix) 12. Facundo Mohrr - Fallout 13. Max Gueli - Switch it 14. Clubbervision - Contrast (Jerome Isma-ae remix) AVAILABLE NOW AT BEATPORT AND ALL FINE DIGITAL STORES www.friskyrecords.com www.friskyradio.com
  2. zoofisticated w/ soliquid remix

    a true rising star, soliquid's remix on this is not to be missed OUT NOW exclusively on beatport Support from Matthew Dekay, Oliver Moldan, Dumb Dan, Mashtronic, Miss Nine, Retroid and #1 on the progressivehouse promo chart Niko Fantin returns with a wild and dirty affair of driving melody and wicked breakdowns. Part 1 mixes techy mellowness with an insane tick tick backbone while Part 2 plays on a warm progressive housey breeze. Trance-tech master Soliquid turns in a crackling moody and ethnic monster with a bassline that will make your chest shake. out now on beatport Preview clips: 1. Part 1 2. Part 2 3. Soliquid remix feelin frisky? check out www.friskyradio.com and check out the #1 shoutcast rated progressive station on the planet
  3. OUT TODAY friskyRecords' next fully upfront and legitimate monster - support from everywhere including Hernan Cattaneo, Mashtronic, Derek Howell, Miss Nine, and many many more seriously if you check out ONE bloody track from friskyRecords this year, it has to be the Cid Inc remix of this track Already a superstar south of the equator, Buenos Aires native Facundo Mohrr delivers a wicked punch of trancey-tech inspired progressive. Shamanah loops it into a steadily rising frenzy while Mashtronic's Cid Inc chunks into utterly mindblowing dancefloor madness. Massive. Available exclusively at beatport Preview tracks right here: 1. Original Mix 1. Cid Inc. Remix 1. Shamanah Remix hope you guys enjoy!
  4. following up the top 20 hit "beirut", friskyRecords presents "Blue Magic" again with massive support from virtually every major player in the progressive scene and #1 on the progressivehouse.com promo charts Argentine rising star Niko Fantin delivers a cool retro-tinged slice of melodic progressive. Gerardo Boscarino fattens the bass and condenses the melody while Royal Sapien expands on layers of breezy house. Lemon8 crafts two reinterpretations - one a rising progster, the other a twisting and smoky tech-house progressive masterpiece. AVAILABLE TODAY and exclusively at www.beatport.com 1. Original Mix 2. Gerardo Boscarino 3. Royal Sapien Remix 4. Dub Mix 5. Lemon8 remix part 1 6. Lemon8 remix part 2 really massive release, especially with rising star royal sapien and progressive legend Lemon8 *really* on top of his game as always, more information at the sleek and sexy www.friskyrecords.com and our www.myspace.com/friskyrecords
  5. PATCH PARK & Fady Ferraye "Beirut"

    out today EXCLUSIVELY on beatport.com - "Beirut" Support from every major progressive house dj in the world including John Digweed, Sasha, Nick Warren, Sharam (Deep Dish), Hernan Cattaneo, Matthew Dekay, Dave Dresden, Josh Gabriel, Dave Seaman, Nick Fanciulli, and many many more. Spent four consecutive weeks at #1 on the progressivehouse.com chart. A truly massive release! Lebanese sensation Fady Ferraye explodes onto the international stage with a bass-heavy tribute to his home-city of "Beirut," and global superstar Patch Park strips it down and reconstructs with a wickedly techno-tribal remix on the flip side. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE NOW Preview Clips: 1. Original Mix 2. Patch Park Remix more information, as always, at the sleek and sexy www.friskyrecords.com
  6. Hello all! I'm Ira, label manager and dj for friskyradio/records - I'm based in LA and it's pleasure to meet all of you! ________________________________________________________________ OUT today SEPTEMBER 17th - Federico Epis "Sensations Remixed" Debuted at #5 on the progressivehouse.com promo charts!! Fashioned from friskyRecords' first remix contest, Sensations Remixed features the most exclusive new talent from across the globe. Japanese tech-prog prodigy Makotrax takes top honors while Romania sweeps the runners up with roaring progressive from Ciprian Lemnaru, chill tech-house by Laxa & S.M.D, and peak-time Electro from Silviu Paduraru. Purchase Here at Beatport Preview Clips: 1. Makotrax remix 2. Ciprian Lemnaru remix 3. Laxa & S.M.D. remix 4. Silviu Paduraru remix more information, as always, at the sleek and sexy www.friskyrecords.com