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  1. So you want to be a dj? You want to make a lot of money and party hardy? You want to start your own dj agency? You can do it too mate. Who cares what anyone thinks, even if you need to steal a little cash, JIMMY VAN Money says its okay. I mean look at the TCA. Had some of the best talent(clueless idiots) and you would never think that with that much going on, there would be financial problems. Those big artists don't need their pay, lets just keep it from them. The joke is on them for signing up with our agency. Hahaha. Everyone is partying and traveling all over, living the life. Why should JIMMY VAN Money pay anyone money back when all you have to do is bankrupt your company and partner with someone else(Chaotic), so it appears like a fresh new venture. YOU TOO CAN DO IT!!! Sorry for the sarcastic start, but that is basically a summary of what my friend experienced. I can't say his name cause he is still on that roster with the new agency and don't want to cause him any problems(he thinks he may have a chance of getting paid from the TCA days, lies and deception). A lot of people never got paid from the whole thing and still aren't paid to this day. My friend had a label that he started and was touring a lot at the time through them. Well the label had to go on hold because he couldn't get paid from TCA's owner, JIMMY VAN Money. The label is starting to take form now, but lots of lost time and money he had put out. A lot of other well established artists had the same problems too. I heard that Joel left and started his own thing and took some djs with him. Nice move for him, eh? Go on with your bad self mate. So obviously an excuse was made up on who stole from who and the poor accounting system. Next thing you know, this new agency announces they are changing their name and taking over bookings for the talent who had not jumped ship. Well in all actuality, it was a merger, but wouldn't look right if people knew that. Talent who had not been paid may not have stayed with the company if they had known this. Must be pretty sad when you feel so great about your career/label starting out and they steal your wages and go on like it didn't happen. I hear JIMMY VAN Money still makes up excuses when he sees these artists he owes money to when he is on the road. From what I understand - lots of other people were screwed too, like: Travel agents, labels, venues, suppliers, even staff, and artists(can't stress talent enough). His excuses still fly just as good as George Bush's foreign policies in office, not. Had to mention the DJ's again, because they made up the majority of the lavish lifestyle that Jimmy & Co are accustomed to having. Lesson for all aspiring djs, don't trust the industry. Even the next TOP 100 DJ like JIMMY VAN Money can take your pay without giving a shite about you, or your family. I am not trying to deter anyone from what they want to do in life, but watch even the person who promises things and has a "great reputation, because that can be just an illusion." Bollocks! House music all night long! Vote for JIMMY VAN Money in the top 100.