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  1. On July 23rd 2008 Eric from nycravers after being up for over 36 hours had a vision of a solar flare hitting the Earth and causing a massive electromagnetic pulse bringing about the end of times. The date of said event is 12.21.12. The Mayan calendar also points to this date as the end of times, as well as bible codes, Nostradamus (in his hidden lost book), Merlin, and the I Ching. Rather than do nothing he has set out to prepare for the coming EMP wave by building a party bunker, thus he has decided to bring you a series of events to spread awareness and raise money to prepare for the coming apocalypse... This will be the 2nd 2012 event.... Featuring... Heather Heart Heather Heart is a key player who has been traveling the country promoting her diverse styles and bringing the sound and culture of electronic underground to the forefront since the early years. Featured in such publications as Paper, Billboard, New York, XLR8r, FrontPage, Village Voice and Jane, her work has been recognized for her captivating style and contributions to the advancement of electronica. The fanzine "Under One Sky" which Heather published from 91-96 created a forum for the US and global underground to meet and flourish. Her appearance in the groundbreaking film "Better Living Through Circuitry," along with the inclusion of her music in the films soundtrack, showcased her talents to a wider audience and earned her new found respect. "...one of the most amazing, stirring DJ's I've ever heard" quoted one fan after an incredible, dancefloor filled, spin session at Guernica, NYC. Watch this 1 minute video clip... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jen Mas JEN MAS is the leading lady of hardcore techno in North America. Founder of the Vitus crew, she's maintained a strong electronic music scene presence for over a decade, and has an invariably growing fan base that spans the globe. Known for her lightning fast mixing and scratching abilities, she continues to impress audiences everywhere with her fast-paced sets and mind-blowing track selections. Also known to play other genres such as drum and bass, 80's dance, and much more, she has proven that she is a DJ without limits or boundaries. And regardless of what style she plays, she has raised the bar when it comes to showmanship on the decks and will be sure to intensify any dance floor. Her childhood training in classical piano and her natural ear for music has not only played a pivotal role in her career but is also her motivation to continue pushing her artistry to new levels. Her latest ventures include burying herself in her studio and working on tracks, and since incorporating her own music into her DJ sets she has surely stepped up her performances, making her shows even more entertaining and uplifting than ever before! Voted one of the top 20 female DJs in the world by Shejay magazine, Jen has proven that she is a renown artist who is here to stay. And that is no easy task, as hardcore is often an underrated and misunderstood genre and few ever get very far with it. But her drive and dedication to pushing the sound along with an innate ability to infect you with her music has turned many people onto her style, which in turn has also helped the genre get more recognition in America. It's her fascination with variety and deep love for all music that are the driving forces behind her unique DJ approach, and her diverse sets are always an exhilarating and exciting aural experience, whether or not the partygoers are hardcore fans. Jen has been dubbed the American "Queen of Hardcore" for many years now and is one of the heavy hitters representing the New York City electronic scene, right behind the original hardcore masters Lenny Dee, Delirium, Omar Santana and Rob Gee. And gender has never been a factor in her success, as her skills have always spoken for themselves and she has rightfully earned her place at the top. Never satisfied with anything and with an unrelenting willingness to learn, she is constantly developing and expanding her sound, and she strives to continue opening minds at every performance. As if all that wasn't enough, she still finds time to remain true to her promoter roots by continuing to organize events and mentoring others to do the same in her area. Her crew Vitus is not only exploding with talent, but they are a contributing factor to the ongoing success of the NYC electronic scene. So keep your eye out for many more exciting projects to come from her and her crew for many years to come! Nicky Twist Nicky Twist has been considered by many as a prodigy when he steps up to the decks. He quickly started mastering the art of scratching, mixing and turntablism. Soon after, he began a journey playing in places like vancouver,calgary,saskatoon,otowa,florida,south carolina, ny,nj,and countless other places including a tour in 2002 through canada. Nicky has also played in the famous tunnel,limelight,and exit. Now at 25, he's a seasoned professional when he rips it with his DMC tricks and unique scratching patterns that very few DJs can touch. From the time he was a child he's been a musician and he can play almost any instrument handed to him. Nicky's style has no limits and his mixing is a huge part of his appeal. He's also been producing for several years and has built up a solid arsenal of original tracks which he drops in his sets. Mama C Mama C is eternally devoted to taking you on an excursion into sound. Throughout this journey you will scour the deepest, darkest depths of the audio wave conjured by both your imagination and hers alike. She skillfully embraces this quest with a keen ear for knowing what people want to hear, which has erupted into a loyal following and diverse fan base which grows at every one of her performances. Having grown up on industrial music and other related genres of the sort, she was always partial to the darker and more driving rhythms. In 2000 she began her chaos quest behind the decks establishing a true devotion to the fusion of two heavy genres of electronic music - hardcore/gabber and drum and bass/jungle. She simply refused to “just pick oneâ€. UK hardcore and drum and bass have always been famous enough for going hand in hand. During the early nineties they both operated under the fundamentals of speed-breaks. Yet she is not satisfied quite that easily by any means. This one of a kind ruff-neck soldier sought out harder, raunchier beats bearing more intensity, oozing with evil sounds. Her goal was to create a brand new style that was simultaneously psychotic and nasty, and also energetic with a morbid twist. And she did just that. The reaction was immense. The end result would be mayhem for the masses. Mama C kept herself locked in the “bedroom DJ†closet for quite a length of time while completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Emerson College in Boston, MA. About a year or so after graduation as if driven by fate she ventured to NYC to have some fun. This is when she caught the attention of local hardcore/gabber queen Jen Mas and was immediately embraced by the strong armor of Vitus Productions. Her booking schedule erupted into a constant rigorous routine particularly after winning a “Gong Show†Bedroom DJ Contest at the now defunct Muni in Hartrford, CT. Overall she has quite the rave DJ booking resume under her belt. She has rocked parties of all shapes and sizes up and down New England and the Northeast in general; Fuck the Prejudice 2, Whistle 3 and 4 as well as miscellaneous shindigs in Canada, Wisconsin and Chicago to name a few. Presently, she is assimilating into the realm of the CDJ which is literally taking her back to her roots as she wholeheartedly delves into the gothic/industrial genre. Inevitably she is also going to be producing her own masterpieces. So keep those curious ears open. They shall be graced with an aural scheme from a higher level that hasn’t even been invented yet. Mama C has grown into a timeless classic DJ drawing out the freaks from the shadows of the dance-floor. Her impeccably intense mixing and raw to the core cuts will force you to submit to your desire to get down on your knees and beg for more. Hoogs w/ Murdok MC (Big Tingz, St8cyde Jump Up, Rochester, NY) Teaming up back in 2005, Hoogs & Murdok have shown no mercy since the very beginning. Capturing ragga, jump up & hardstep early in his career, Hoogs' sound has flourished into a driving force in our scene today. Fueled by devastating basslines, rolling dance floor drums & not too mention an arsenal of Dubs only Double O could handle. If you've never had a chance to experience Hoogs, expect lightening fast mixing, on top of flawless switches & a few double drops to keep you attentive no matter how bad you want to go for another drink. When it comes to MCing, there's nobody in the area who can flow better than Dok-Murdah, aka Murdok MC. He's been on point for half a decade & isn't letting up one bit. With releases on Big Tingz & Bottem End he has proven his stature in the game and has gained the respect that comes along with such accomplishments. With their first release in early 08, "Tag It" on Big Tingz, Hoogs and Murdok MC are in full control and have the endurance to never let go. The future of dance floor dnb is upon us... MC D.Y.L.Z. DaddyGreenJeans SMILEe Tommy Diaz VS Trouble VS Dolla Bill Mizeyesis Teddy Glow VS Dj Sogma DJ Atom C * Special non opening set for once Rev Dr Shamus Cereal Kila VS Konztant Serious Black BE PART OF THE AMAZINGNESS! (the people are what make parties great) Anyone wishing to get involved contact us, unlike most promotors/events we really want to get as many partygoers involved as possible, whether it be ideas, performances, or just plan old insanity, hit us up and we will hear you out! I (2k/Eric) personally think that the best way in ANY relationship (whether it be promoter/partygoer or boyfriend/girlfriend) to achieve true happiness, is all about COMMUNICATION! Get involved! Help spread the love and good vibes! Location : Hello Brooklyn (DIRECTIONS FROM ANYWHERE) 18 Commerce St, Brooklyn NY Time : 10:00PM - 6AM Additional Lighting by: Power Trip Lighting Live Visuals by: Ari Anthrax and Audiophile Artwork by: NYCRAVERS Live Performances by: NYCRAVERS Eyecandy Firepoi by: Power Trip Lighting Cost: 15 Presale, 20 @ Door Presale Tickets Available @ http://www.nycravers.com Some Venue Pics: Pic from the bleachers looking towards the bathrooms... Pic from the bathrooms looking towards the bleachers... TIMESLOTS Mayan Prophets Den (Main Room) 10-12 Tommy Diaz VS Trouble VS Dolla Bill 12-1 Nicky Twist 1-2 ST8CYDE 2-3 Heather Heart 3-4 Jen Mas 4-5 SMILEe 5-6 DaddyGreenJeans Party Bunker Basement 10-11 Serious Black 11-12 Teddy Glow VS Dj Sogma 12-1 Cereal Kila VS Konztant 1-2 Mizeyesis 2-3 Mama C 3-4 DJ Atom C 4-5 Rev Dr Shamus Read Reviews of the last 2012 here And Here View Pictures of the last 2012 Watch a Video of the last 2012 Don't Miss the next 2 2012 events, 2012 Prophetic Dreamers on 6.20 and 2012 Rise of the Ophiucians on 11.14. Oh and CLIMAX HARDER on 7.18 (Jello Wrestling Party)!!!!