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  1. Thats exactly what he did,fuck him and hip hop.Fuck the whole rap industry.No talent ghetto uneducated assholes.oh yeah,they can't even vote,good to be a FELON!!!! your parents must be proud,if they have parents.
  2. wow,thats the hottest all night dance club in nyc?
  3. Mansion is Dunzo

    Please remove the tables,scratch the whole Bottle service shit.
  4. Spirit

    Whats going on with that place.
  5. Never heard of any of the dj's,sounds like it will be good,get rid of the bottle service.
  6. Mansion is Dunzo

    Two thumps up for Joey.
  7. Beautiful club,however the line up sucks.
  8. Is Webster Hall Really Racist?

    Fuck that piece of shit club,for the life of me why Ric Sena moved Alegria to that place,it sucks.Tacky ass Euro trash and B&T crowds.
  9. Beer and Wine Taxes Set to Rise

    Crime is gonna run rapid,taxes on beer and wine,what next.
  10. The Shelter holds the lease.