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  1. The Phoenix Butterfly www.waxdj.com/djs/5895
  2. Who Is The Phoenix Butterfly ????

    Here's a link to a page where you can get some free mixes/music by The Phoenix Butterfly . Posting this twice so lets hope it goes up. www.waxdj.com/djs/5895
  3. Who Is The Phoenix Butterfly ????

    WOW!!!! This post was put up some time ago but if anyone does read this, I just had to post my input especially for someone who has a tremendous amount of amazing talent and being such an amazing and friendly person. Thruthfully Melee, you aren't that good...Ive seen you numberous times before in which lead my wife and friends to leave a venue and either head home or move to a different room in the club and wait for you to get done.....Ive never been impressed, Ive waited out through some of your mixes but nothing struck an amazing note or image to me....You're a simple dj with not much to offer. I state my opinion because Ive seen both performers play. While I was attending school in Philadelphia I would frequently go out to most of the party's being held. As Cakewalk mentioned, I to have never heard The Phoenix Butterfly but Ive heard some talk about him. While attending an event some good time ago, I actually was lucky enough to hear a set....and I must say as well as speaking for just about everyone at that party, The Phoenix Butterfly set was AMAZING !!! While most of the night was harder music in the front room with drum and bass in the back, he played/performed something completely different. In all honesty, when he approached his area and started setting up on stage, everyone started leaving the the other room just to see what the talk was about, and that talk was true. For anyone who has never witnessed a set or met him, he is very intimidating...as you can see, he has a look and an appearance like no other, especially being so tall. Some might say he's cocky or whatever but its not true....after his set I approached him to what was such a surprise. He's one of the nicest and most sincere person Ive ever met. So back to the set....While I was expecting either drum and bass or hard techno , he played a mixture of techy breaks, new school breaks as well as some breaks that were very floaty and atmospheric but with such a beautiful sound....you felt something positive......ENERGY!! It was like a journey that pulled you in and out on a rollercoater ride....I loved it!!! As well as venturing off throughout these different styles of music, he did something else which is what also impressed everyone else....while everyone is using a standard setup, Phoenix performed on 3 turntables and 2 mixers that night....while no one would of expected it, this boy can scratch !!!! Phoenix would go back and forth between mixing and scratching or doing both at the same time.....he's good, really good!! Im telling ya, if you want to see someone who has perfected being a dj and pushed the envelope, THE PHOENIX BUTTERFLY IS IT!!! He performed for about 2 hours and so well worth it!!! This dj IS amazing !!!! I can see why many people would say crap....not because he does suck but because he(The Phoenix Butterfly ) is a threat to other dj's who have gotten attention and an undeserved spotlight for not having a talent but for having friends or just being lucky and I do mean lucky. Melee if you are so great and you could post something about this dj bashing him on forums ,then why didn't you accept the challenge? I know its because we both know he would of showed you and others up. Face it, Phoenix is so much better then you and just about all the others who try and bash him. While you talk, he stands with actions....and remember, actions do speak louder then words. Its a shame that many people who enjoy this music have missed out on Phoenix who is such great kept an amazing secret. I recommended anyone reading this to find a mix cd by him or witness a performance..YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED !!! GUARANTEED!!!!