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    frei.ma n. restlessness, frenzy, appetite for action, turmoil, unstoppable movement.

    Freima is a collective of saint adventurers, ethereal ramblers, eyewitnesses of rhythm: artists, technicians and thinkers engaged in the praxis and aesthetics of change.

    Freima Labs aims to publish forward thinking Portuguese electronic music in an assortment of genres, establishing a sense of unity in diversity. We thus motivate our artists to remix and collaborate amongst themselves, generating cross-pollination paths between languages, and the desired coherence of the editorial project as a whole. Techno, House, Electronica… those are just words.

    Scheduled artists include both established and upcoming artists such as Alex FX, Cleymoore, Ellie, Freimatic, Fulano47, Infestus, Jesus K & the sicksicksicks, LOKI, Ludovic, Lukkas, Miguel Torga, Mirror People, Over8, Pal+, Photonz, Pixel82, Reverb, Solution, Stereo Addiction, Trikk, Voxels…

    They can stop the party but they can’t stop the Freima!
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    Advanced Music • Audio-visual Artists • Smashing Parties • Bohemian Lifestyle
  1. https://soundcloud.com/freimalabs/ff00-lukkas-emotional-runner-original-mix?in=freimalabs/sets/ff-freima-free FREE DOWNLOAD FROM THE LINK ABOVE! Soon after slapping you on the right cheek with its first commercial release – the compilation “Weather Forecast†– Freima Labs joyfully slaps you on the left cheek with the reckless delivery of Freima Free – a new immoral collection of insomnious tracks and impassioned releases, signed under a Creative Commons licence, and available for free download. Whatever the cause and consequence, Freima Free is out there – in there – a rampant creative impulse craving to be shared by future rebels engaged in musical action. This first free release features one of Lukkas’ most technologically emotive tracks – “Emotional Runnerâ€. Download it, share it, delete it, make love to it under the moonlight: see if we care bitch. -- Freima Labs They can stop the party but they can't stop the Freima. Freima Labs's Spotlight page on SoundCloud - Hear the world?s sounds http://facebook.com/freima +351 93 257 69 47 +351 93 118 49 96 [email protected]
  2. Big Cheers from the Freima crew!

    Hi there, this is Hugo, from Freima Labs. We are an artists' collective from Portugal and just launched our digital label. Though mainly focused on Techno, House and their subgenres, we nevertheless publish a variety of different genres, and we encourage our artists to remix amongst themselves, thus generating cross-pollination paths. We're happy to be a part of this community, big cheers from the Freima crew!!! Hugo Freima Labs www.facebook.com/freima FREIMA's sounds on SoundCloud - Hear the world?s sounds