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    An EDM enthusiast who just flat out moves to music. House music is infused in all aspects of my life and keeps my life rolling forward at a steady 120 bpm. I also manage my brother Joe mallozzi and his partner Nick Altieri. They go by the stage name Bass Fass (pronounced "Face") and they spin an amazing variety of electro, deep house, Big room, and techno while occasionally mixing in some trance, techouse, dubstep, or even trap. I'm not going to brag how absolutely filthy they are so go check out there live set from Evolution Fest on www.soundcloud.com/bassfassofficial.com.
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    Staten Island, New York, United States
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    Work hard; Rave harder!
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    Spoken for
  1. Manager/ promoter new to the site

    Nm. What's goin on
  2. Manager/ promoter new to the site

    Just want people to move to good music. Best way to do that is recruiting good dj's/ producers to play good venues, all while invoking the spirit of the traditional rave life