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  1. And dance like CYBERWHORES....... ;D
  2. Talk about advertising...... http://www.kontraband.com/show/popup.asp?ID=1078&TTVAL=2 ;D
  3. Chick gets beat up!!

    Wow......now im horny after watching that..... ;D dam now i got a boner cause ur fault.........
  4. maybe i will catch him with HERNAN here in miamii.......lets just see if im up for it...... ;D
  5. Haaaa!! will definately be there for this cat......hope hes got some good shit going one lately......
  6. Finally: GALLERIES UP AGAIN!!!

    Id love to see a Deep Dish gallery with some very nice pictures if someone else managed to take some nice shots..... A harcore Sasha gallery is no to be avoided.....
  8. My Late Weekly Top Tens

    Bjork - "All Is Full Of Love" (Osamu M Submerge Mix) :o :o :o
  9. Sasha @ The Arena Pier 10 Dec 4 GODDAMIT!

    Oh well, i guess ill settle for Hernan Cattaneo and Roger Sanchez on Dec 11 from whats left good here in Miami. ;D
  10. :'( Once again thos mfoker comes to PR and i wont be able to see him due to unversity. Freaking Shit..........
  11. Space Patio

    Damit i missed this one......wanted to go soooooo bad. :'( Guess ill have to make it up on Sat 20th for Sharama and Ali.
  12. Picottos backkkk!!!!!!!

    NO FUKIN CACOS!!! jaja.......its a dream come true having to go that place and not seeing any "gente cafre". ;D
  13. Why is djtroko not on the line up? >
  14. Finally I'm FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS MAN! Welcome back to having your social life for the mean time. ;D
  15. Steve Lawler would be OUTSTANDING. ;D Ahhh, if only he could bring those dark progressive tunes to Puerto Rico.... ???