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  1. So My friend was cutting out some lines and it was fine, but then she waited a few minutes and it started dissapearing and dissolving and made her plate moist and a little slimey, and then she couldn't even snort it. So she's curious, is this even coke? Or was it crack? It looked normal the whole time until it sat out divided into lines. Or does anyone know what it could be cut with to make it do that? She thinks it was cut with oragel for sure though Because her mouth was numb forever. And then her friend put it on her finger and it was all gooey, and looked like glue or something, and after it didn't spread all powdery and in different sections, if you tried to move it the whole little pile moved with it and she picked up a ball of it and it all stayed together and nothing even fell off. She's just so confused, bc this has never happened to her before.