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  1. New Mix of Final Chapter at Exit????

    danny Tsettos Is one of the most amazing djs i have ever had the pleasure to listen to and the shit he did back at temps with vynil b4 chugs came out was fucking amazing He is one of my top idols and reasons why i Dj/Produce And listening to him at temps every weekend and the raves and gonzo at chicos grove is how i built my style i play at certain places main stream remixed live on 3-4 cdjs with a hard techno or minimal beat looped over. the mainstream tracks danny tsettos was way a head of his time. in 1996 the shit he mixed at temps and all the original djs that are talked about are the real talent not theses dutch producers can't mix like old school cats.not with out digital and sync
  2. New Mix of Final Chapter at Exit????

    Mike and johnny are actually really down to earth and cool as fuck i was lucky enough to play with them in upstate ny in in the late 90's early 2000s. i think u should definitly do a new mix of Final Chapter since he is making tracks now and jumping up the charts.