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  1. Seattle Questions...

    seattle is a city in size but has a small-town feel to it. you run into people you know everywhere you go, whether you are terribly social or not. events have more of a community aspect than in larger cities, and free/illegal/underground events are common, esp. in summer. i haven't danced in nyc, but from what i've heard it seems like drugs are more prevalent there.. esp. things like k, coke, meth, dust... while of course there are some who use/abuse those things here, it's not as common. it's relatively safe here. there aren't many areas where i wouldn't feel comfy wandering around by myself late at night. there are still events where you can set down yr backpack and come back to it 8 hours later and it will be there with its contents intact. i'd imagine you prolly don't do that in nyc...
  2. Is there anybody out there?

    there are a variety of clubbers & quality clubs in seattle. not many people from seattle use this message board, though, because it isn't advertised here.
  3. life after aro.space

    the former owners of aro.space now run a club called i-spy, at 1921 5th ave. so if you're looking for similar music styles, nights, etc.. that'd be the place. ego recently opened on capitol hill. it's on e. pike st, near the corner of pike and broadway, where spintron used to be. they have dance nights almost every day of the week, both queer & straight. i like wednesday nights - lisa nelson spins deep house w/other residents. good stuff. i strongly second the recommendations of dialect & flammable. for a calendar, check my site below..
  4. DanceSafe Seattle Volunteer Training Sept. 23rd 12-4pm (please don't be late) Lake Hills Library in Bellevue To RSVP and receive directions, please email [email protected] There will be potluck-style coffee breaks, so please bring something to share. DanceSafe Seattle (www.dancesafe.org/seattle) is a non-profit harm reduction group providing free health and safety services to the rave and danceclub communites. If you are concerned about the lack of knowledge regarding substance use and want to help educate, inform, and possibly save lives, then consider becoming a DanceSafe volunteer. It is a positive and fun way to ensure our community's health, safety, and continued existence. We are non-judgemental, and neither condone nor condemn drug use. We just want people to make informed choices. Training is mandatory if you wish to help staff a table at events. For more information about DanceSafe, the volunteer training, or what is expected of volunteers, please email [email protected]
  5. it's eclipse. http://www.pulpfiction.com/rave/groovinkim/specialevents.html good lineup, but way too expensive.

    i answered this already.. so scroll through the topics
  7. I need a good head shop

    argh, i can't remember the name of the one in ravenna that used to advertise in the stranger all the time.. but it was dope
  8. SPRING BREAK 2001?

    i never go anywhere. no money.
  9. Damn Seattle is comatose

    seattle's not comatose. there are a lot of popular electronic musik webpages/forums for the seattle area, and most people use those instead. nw-tekno & nw-raves are two popular forums for discussion.
  10. miles maeda & sneak at last supper club wed

    i liked miles much better than sneak. miles played a much wider variety of sounds & it felt more like a journey. tech-y stuff, electro-y stuff, some booty shakers. sneak stuck with vocal tracks & classics. but i had fun. lots of cool folk were there and i even got dragged on stage.. hahah! i try to avoid the stage; i hate people watching me dance. but i was inebriated so they succeeded. go red bull & vodka..! heh.
  11. what a saturday night

    it's not necessarily so good for the young 'uns.. the mayor is proposing a new, equally evil law.. http://www.dancedefense.com has more info
  12. 1st time in Seattle........

    http://www.pulpfiction.com/rave/groovinkim/clubs.html has addresses/more info i like fridays @ contour, saturdays @ ok hotel, sundays @ re-bar but i like all-night events better
  13. should be good! maybe i'll see some of you there
  14. what a saturday night

    i'd suggest attending a 'rave' type event.. that's the best choice in all-night rumpshakin' for the underage folk.. my page (address below) has listings.. there's also club fx on friday nights.. 18+.. usually has a variety.. progressive trance, breaks, house, jungle.. etc