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  1. June Tracks

    this is in my new chart. surprised to see you posting about it though
  2. Headpusher mix

    who's vip? besides a few random posts here and there, not involved over there for a long time now. so save it.
  3. Headpusher mix

  4. Joi Cardwell Remix?

    there's a new remix package coming out on curvve records in october with mixes from vinny troia/peter bailey/chris micali and kolo. micali's mix is really good but i have not heard the others yet. hani's will always be the best imo.
  5. September's Tracks

    okkkkkkk tuff guy
  6. September's Tracks

    no doubt.
  7. September's Tracks

    well that was a reply to smokesum about you stealing your lists from a spanish website but it seems you deleted his post. nice try at making me look stupid though.
  8. September's Tracks

    pffft. cant u read? he said no drama loll
  9. September's Tracks

    smight rocks. noskill is pretty good too. . gonna grab that gabber festival piece i think! btw, who is noskill?
  10. September's Tracks

    01- Rennie Pilgrem ft. Sarah Whittaker Gilbey - Coming Up For Air (Mixes) [TCR] 02- Sly Fidelity & Clubfoot - The White Knight (Christian J Mix) [Lot49] 03- Sia - Where I Belong (Future Funk Squad Acid Dub) [universal] 04- The Egg - Wall (Atomic Hooligan Mix) [squarepeg] 05- Meat Katie & Elite Force - Fabulous Mint 400 [Kingsize] 06- Lee Coombs - Lick The Frog [Finger Lickin'] 07- Smight - God Strikes Here (Main Room + Derek Howell Mixes) [Cure] 08- Evil Nine - Devil Stuff [Marine Parade] 09- Lostep - Burma (Traffik's A.M Rub) [GU Music] 10- Evil Nine - Restless (Dylan Rhymes Mix) [Marine Parade]
  11. Saeed-You know I got it.....

    saeed did a remix for my boys track coming out on en-soul shortly. Kyrpz - I Love The Bass is the title. the original is where it's @ but saeed's mix is pretty cool also.
  12. damn bro you still doing these huh? . .remember the dezmix since before i even joined this board
  13. First CD you ever bought?

    cypress hill - self titled '91 ~ sam goody i think
  14. new track and summer mix avaliable

    some really cool shit going on in that track. can you PM me your aim or email address? thanks.