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  1. For all you Trance lovers!

    i like skoofs mixes..always rips a mean set...
  2. ....do you ever?.....

  3. Boggs & Strawberry

    Donny Baseball Wade Boggs Goose Gossage
  4. JLo

  5. Divorced Or Still Married???

    Divorced when I was 17, father re-married and mother on the verge of it..
  6. Weed For Sale At Target.com!!!!

    Free shipping with a 30 dollar purchase!
  7. The Simpsons House

    that is fucking awesome!!!!!111
  8. post your stats.

    height: 6'1 weight: 190 hair color: Brown eye color: Green/Brown ethnicity: Greek shoe size: 11 measurements: Waist is 32'' Chest I think is 46 " Arms 16 1/2'' cock size: I'm guessin around 7 or so? Never measured...Although now I have something to do when I get home from work...
  9. Attn: Ladyshady

    hahahah I used to have that Chuck Norris toy
  10. New Track Im working on.

    Needs more
  11. Finally Got Cable Modem Back Online...

    soulseek is my fav for music.. www.slsknet.org
  12. Auto Insurance Question

    Well its pretty much just gonna be like a weekend cruiser type of thing. I've got a daily driver. Anyone got any recommendations on what company to go thru? I use Geico now for my other cars, but their quote was kinda high...
  13. Auto Insurance Question

    So whats the deal with older cars? I'm lookin to pick up a car from 1964...Old school style boat of a car. Do they get any special type of insurance?
  14. Music

    Linkin Park, Incubus, Metallica, DT, Mobb Deep, Jay Z, Nas, etc... The list goes on and on...I pretty much listen to everything from hip hop to metal to electronica to 80s cheeseball music
  15. $250,000 wheels

    Those things are hideous.