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  1. Those who know please share the info. Thanks!!! Oh yeah, it's for my bachelor party.
  2. Put down the durg-laced gyro, greekboy! It's a play on words, because the article is about a letter he "wrote" to the police. BTW, thanks for the greece info.
  3. How about this one from today's NY Post. TEEN'S BRAIN TAKES POWDER By ZACH HABERMAN - New York Post Online Edition: News
  4. Attn: Souvlaki

    Check your pm's.
  5. Great pics! Thanks for posting them. Hope the documentary of that guy went well.
  6. gas stations to get gas (Miami-Dade and Broward)

    Miami Beach info Miami Beach Operating Gas Stations (as of 12:56 pm) Amoco - 1402 Collins Chevron - 1769 Sunset Chevron - 1800 Alton Shell - 845 5th Street Amoco - 1790 Alton Shell Arthur Godfrey - Arthur Godfrey Sierra Auto - 331 23rd Street Texaco - 7145 Abbott Shell - 1698 Alton Amoco - 945 5th Street
  7. Roger Fucking Sanchez TONIGHT @ ICE

    Getting in at midnight tonight...is there a list?
  8. Vegas' Next New Hotspot!

    Got it, thanks for the info. FYI, your email address shows up as [email protected]******.com. I assume the asterisks are "l-a-l-a-t-e" as CP has a habit of blocking their competition. They did that for a while to Cooljunkie before they purchased that site. Probably not going to do the VIP thing as its just me and my lady, not a big group. If it's too crazy I won't bother. But I'll check with my casino host. They are usually helpful with these types of things.
  9. Vegas' Next New Hotspot!

    We're staying at the Venetian this weekend. Do hotel guests get in without problems or is there a list?
  10. CP Miami has a new mod???

    lol Check out CJ as well, I guess it's a CJ mod doing double duty.
  11. FUNKETEER, I'm calling you out!

    I don't think I've ever seen him sober.

    Good luck and keep up the good work with a3tv. It gets better every month. Oh yeah, stay tuned for a reply from Damon.
  13. New Yorkers Sue for The Right to Dance

    About fucking time. I interned for this guy 15 years ago and told him this needed to be done. He didn't consider it a pressing issue at the time.