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  1. Besides the AVN, is there another porn convention in Vegas? If so, when? I thought there was one in July also. Thanks!
  2. What do u recommend for a stuffy nose after coke? One of main reasons why I can't sleep on coke is because my nose is so stuffed that I end up breathing through my mouth and then I constantly wake up because my mouth is so damn dry. Any suggestions?
  3. What works better to fall asleep after coke? Xanax or Ambien? Is it ok to take them after coke? I thought going up and then down was not good.
  4. How to bring drugs on planes????

    Do u think they open the advil or tylenol bottle?
  5. HELP! Need club info and dress codes

    I'm going to be in South Beach this Thur-Sun (March 6-9). Where should we go at night and on which days? Also what is the dress code at the following clubs: Crobar Spin Opium Gardens Rumi BED Level Mint Can u wear jeans to most places? How's Automatic Slims? Thanks!
  6. Will any ladies be in South Beach Mar 6 -9?
  7. South Beach March 6-9

    What are the best places to go on the following days: Thursday Friday Saturday
  8. Ambien

    The correct dose for Ambien is 10mg for an adult. I would not suggets taking more than the recommended dose. It is not physically addicting but it can be psychologically addicting because it works so well. When u take it u should take it about 10 min before u go to bed. And really go to bed. Don't start walking around and doing things. FYI: Ambien is not being taken off the market. As far as taking it with coke, I have no idea.
  9. Coke and sleeping

    What do u take to go to sleep after doing coke? Has anyone ever taken Ambien after doing coke to fall asleep?
  10. Ambien - sleeping aid/pill

    Ambien is a very clean and safe drug. It works extremely well but u need to allow yourself to sleep for at least 6 hours. If u sleep for 6-8 hrs u will not wake up drowsy or have thehangover effect. Make sure u take it when u r ready to go to sleep. Don't take it and start walking around. Take it when u hop into bed. To get Ambien just tell your doctor that u are having trouble sleeping. U can only get a script for 7 to 10 days. Xanax and Valium are not the same as Ambien. Xanax and Valium relaxes u, Ambien puts u to sleep. Ambien is also much safer than Xanax and Valium since they are benzodiazapines.
  11. Is it too hot to go to South Beach?

    Is to too hot to go to South Beach now? I found a great deal and was thinking of going but I heard it's too hot this time of year. Is it too hot to sit on the beach, eat outside, etc. Does it rain everyday? What can I expect as far as clubs go this time of year?
  12. It's "J-E-L-E-O-U-S"!!!

    Risingstar76, Did u travel to school on the short, yellow bus?
  13. Does anyone know the names of any building management companies or condo complexes in Miami or around Miami? If u could tell me the names of the companies or even websites that would be helpful. Thanks!
  14. Can u combine E and coke?

    Can u combine E and coke? Is it bad to do that? What happens?
  15. A friend of mine said to me "Hey look at that hot girl over there." The hot girl was a plant. He thought the plant was a girl.