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  1. What are you talkin about. I listen to scot project everywhere. In the tanning bed, on the way to the club, when injecting my 3 cc's of winstrol, when I'm at the gym getting all huge, At the end of my chest day workout I see if I can do pushups to the beat, now that is a tuff workout... keep bangin' scotty Guido. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  2. Does anyone still listen to freestyle?

    Whoooooooaaaaaooooaaaaaa..... Fantasy girl....your my fantasy giiiiirrrrrlllll... I need you toooniiiggghhhttt... I want you girl tooniiiggghhhttt!!!!!! ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  3. Does anyone still listen to freestyle?

    HELL YEAH LOVE THE FREESTYLE!!! Party your Body Fantasy Girl etc etc... gotta love it... Mike. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115

    You get ripped cause its a GH (growth hormone)releaser. Thats what helps you get ripped on a good diet... But guess what. On NYE this acquaintence of mine took some and drank also, but none of us knew he took the G before he drank. Well a trip to the hospital later and blah blah blah....ends up that he left a WHOLE FREAKIN BOTTLE of G in my car!!!!! It has a green shade...I have about 16oz of the stuff, anyone know how much this would go for?? Mike. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  5. I rock the Gaultier, I also have this other stuff called Cuba, never seen it advertised at all, comes like a cigar...smells pretty good too. but mainly gaultier, I have ckecked out the issy miyake, its pretty tight i might pick some up.. Mike. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  6. Steps to a 6 pack>need help

    One thing about your Ab routine that Sgt Fury didn't mention, dont do 5 million situps to get those abs, train abs like every other muscle. Find a weight where you can do 3 or 4 sets of 10-12 reps. A good routine: 1)Find a lat pulldown machine, take off the lat bar and find a tricep extension rope. Sit on the lat machine the opposite way, now crunch down to your knees, hold at the bottom for a split second, and back up. 3 sets, 12 reps. 2)Machine Crunches, 3 sets, 12 reps 3)Hanging leg raises 3 sets, go till failure 4)Torso twist or oblique crunches. 3 sets of 12-15 Thats the routine i pretty much do when I cut down for the summer. Def do the diet that SgtFury was talking about. The best way to do this is run 30min first thing when you wake up. Invest in eggs (whites), tuna (taste like ass, but you will get used to it), chicken, steak, etc, and get a decent whey protein and take this right after workouts. If you don't want to lose a lot of strength from cutting down, try glutamine, it helps. My 2 cents. PS and all these peeps talking about genetics, I say fawk that. these people are so cut because the do E and coke every weekend, thats how they got cut. Peece, Mike. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  7. Shake that Ass

    OMG!!! LOL!! I HAVE THAT SONG ON A CD I BURNED!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! you forgot some lines though... freaky dancin' hoes... keep shakin' yo shit... and lets see how you shake it on top of my dick I see...broke ass hoes... broke ass hoes... broke ass hoes... HAHA!! Mike. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  8. We need more Philly up in here!

    My best philly club experience..hmmm... Probably last summer at Chemistry, it was a thursday, their best night. Saw this chic their that I met at Envy on occasion, my friend knows the bartender their and we drink as much as we want and tip him $20 at the end of the night. So neways, me and this chic, and all my friends were DRUNK of our asses. So she jumps in my car and we go to her friends place for afterhours fun Mike. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  9. question for the ladies ....

    Um...I think the best approach would be, "Hi my name is ______, how are you doing?" Or something like that. When some of my friends get really drunk (and sometimes when they are not), a girl walks by and they are like "Hey! You meet MIKE yet?" This has actually worked a couple times too...lol But I would never try this...lines are dumb. Mike. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  10. Steps to a 6 pack>need help

    This is th eonly person that has come even close so far...listen to this cat. Mike ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  11. couple easy song id's..................

    anyone know about the third one....pleeese!!! Mike. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  12. Glow in the dark gel??

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!! ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  13. what are you wearing for your new years party??

    Ummm...if your wearing that....me and you can have a party at my place... Ok time for a guys POV...I am gonna wear my new black shoes from Aldo, and black pants, and a long sleeve design knit i got from A|X, or a light blue stretch shirt, really depends on how dressed up a place we go...but the better question is what I am NOT going to be wearing... Mike. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  14. Waht the fuck is this?

    Here ya go....this is what I found, Jelly Donut- While the girl is in the act of sucking you off, you proceed to punch and break her nose, and the blood gushing out of her resembles the breakfast treat. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115
  15. What's your ride??

    2K Accord Coupe, silver, moonroof...its tight. ------------------ AIM: Carson11115