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  1. Evanly B -Seattle

    We have a kick ass Seattle Dj emerging... He spins Trance and gets the crowd in 2 it. Not to often does a dj enjoy the vibe as much as the peeps he's spinning for. He is a resident at Seattle's Saturday night Mannequin. We want to get him a NYC gig.. Anyone have a connect.
  2. Dj Evanly B

    For those who have not heard him. You must check him out @ Mannequin on Saturday nights. 807 1st ave. Trance is here and is spreading FFFFAAASSST.
  3. this Saturday night 7-8-00

    You are barely 21 groovin kim. you have only experienced raves and the backdoor. When you can begin to appreciate Total enviornment as opposed to ONLY music you will have some credibility. The vibe kept alive by the peeps.
  4. this Saturday night 7-8-00

    Planet Hollywood is now doing an incredible friday night called "rocket" Good looking crowd too.
  5. Mannequin @ Contour WOW! 7/8

    It was as intense as intense can be! Killer vibe. I promote the night and with alot of help from ALOT of people it looks like we are going to blow that place up every Saturday night! Spread the word!!!
  6. this Saturday night 7-8-00

    all of the above!! Pretty live last friday. Sat. mannequin @ contour best vibe in the city.
  7. this Saturday night 7-8-00

    saturday night is the night for Contour "mannequin"
  8. Check out the contour's Mannequin -807 1st avenue...dedicated to trance music. Also Friday nights @ Planet Hollywood are new and exciting.
  9. Evolve or Not?

    Should be live! The last one was pretty good.
  10. trance dj's

    Any trance dj's interested in coming to Seattle??? ------------------
  11. Memorial Day Weekend?

    Friday Night- Last Supper Club will be good and Afterhours @ Catwalk is right next door [Chaos is the name of the party]. Saturday Night- Mannequin @807 first ave. is a clubplanet.com sponsored event and has a very high energy feel with a killer Dj as well as the drummer from Candle Box- also fire handlers keep it warm... get on the <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank">guestlist</A> : [email protected] ------------------
  12. club kling

    Has anyone heard of this new club that is supposed to be opening in Seattle later this summer? It is supposed to be somewhere near pioneer square... ------------------
  13. Good Goth/Glam-Rock Hangouts?

    Actually I think a freind of mine has some info for you in regards to the Mercury...She may be a member...not sure. You can reach her through the web-site Marvelgirl7.com, her name is Danielle. ------------------
  14. Superhighway

    I have heard from 2 very reliable sources that indeed they are closing down. Not sure when- and i understand they may have another space lined up. ------------------
  15. Trance dj's

    I need Trance Dj's to spin @ several Seattle parties. ------------------