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  1. Anybody have any information (dates, place) about parties that take place in or by the park by the George Washington Bridge? I live in the area and know that they happen, but i always seem to find about about them the day after. Thanks.
  2. what's the song?

    that's it. I never would have found that myself. Thanks for your help.
  3. what's the song?

    i heard it when i was out in Arizona last weekend. There's a very electronic voice which says "i'm invisible" a nuber of times and then says some other things which i cannot remember then the song gets all crazy.

    I'm so jealous-- we never had anything like this when I was back at RU. This thread is making me nostalgic..
  5. song name

    Any one know the name of the song that has really electronic words "I'm invisible" a bunch of times and then come other words before getting all crazy? thanks

    Pot is psychologically addictive in the way that alcohol is addictive - people feel they need it either in certain circumstances or to feel certain ways (relaxed, etc.). Recent studies show that pot is also physically addictive. Using a regular pot user who has just smoked up as a subject, researchers have shown that suddenly blocking the actions of THC (active ingredient in MJ) leads to withdrawal symptoms like those (though not severe as those) experienced during heroin withdrawal. And withdrawal possibility = physically addictive. Of course, most people never experience these symptoms because the pot stays in the system for so long. Of course, none of this is to say not to do the stuff, only that you should know what you're getting in to.
  7. Best Sound Sytem??

    twilo - bass is amazing, nodistortion
  8. N'Ice party question

    I went to the N'ice party last month and had no problem getting in and I had a gret time. Great mix of people an the music was good. When I went to get in line for the same party last night, the bouncer told me and the people that I was with that it was "gay night." I still would have gone in, but the people I was with were turned off to the place. So my question is, is N'ice turning into a gay party or was the bouncer trying to scare us away?