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  1. I disagree. At least as a senator he'd have less time to spend busting up parties and causing other mayhem in NYC. ------------------
  2. X

    Lecy - Right on! I've said the same thing myself a lot As for the courier thing... I was one for 4 years. I don't think my firm ever once opened up a package we delivered. However, there's little fine print at the bottom of the form that says suspicious packages can be inspected to protect the delivery firm. ------------------
  3. June 10th Randalls Island

    Dude, this will be crawling with little kids and worse, Jersey meatheads looking to go "raving" and try "E," just like they saw profiled on Fox news. Plus, it will no doubt be a hot day, we'll all be sweating our balls/tits off, and water will cost $8. ------------------