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  1. Turntables and Mixer

    What's the best place to buy used turntables and mixers in the city? I'm looking to get something cheap to fool around with.
  2. PVD Review

    PVD was amazing! I've never been disappointed in one of his sets. I thought the crowd was great as well. Meet some incredible people. I'm just starting to wake up and get my barings now. Hope to see you all next weekend for Deep Dish.
  3. $50 bucks sucks - I'm going to Farina at Centro instead $20.
  4. Why does everyone hate glowsticks so much?!

    Glow sticks are for little kids on 4th of July. Yeah, they were great when I used to go to raves, but they have no place in a good club. As soon as I see glowsticks, I know there has to be kids under 21 there. People that are obsessed with glow sticks need to get a new hobby. The DJ, music, and lights should be entertainment enough - go talk with your friends or learn how to dance.
  5. Week schedule?

    Just moved from Philly - I wanted to see what the board's opinion was on good places to go in the city each day of the week. I know Vinyl is good on Friday's with Danny, but are there any other places that you can always count on for certain days. I'm a straight male in mid-twenties. Thanks in advance!