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  1. Does anyone know the name of the song in the new Victorias secret commercial with Gisele and some strapless or seamless bra?... my buddy tried to tell me its a remixed felix da housecat track but i dont think so...
  2. besides simpsons family guy and seinfeld reruns ..... its gotta be Oz on wed nites on hbo new season starts in jan
  3. song ID

    ok i dont post too often please guys i need your help i was watching MTV and saw this show fight for your rights about this mentally retarded girl was killed by two guys anyways if anyone saw the show and heard the song played towards the end/ending credits.. kinda trancey/dnb (maybe atmospheric dnb.. anyways if someone knows the name of the song or the artist reply... mtv sucks dont hold it against me:confused:
  4. Rutgers Students

    yo i just transfered to rutgers from ucsc.. my parents live in jersey ive been commuting to nb for a month now and still havent gotten a chance to go out to the city (one of the reasons i came back to the east coast) and party .. i think one of my boys and me are going to see bassment jaxx at roseland on the 20th anyone going? i have really met anyone besides my entire highschool at rutgers... reply or pm me
  5. Favorite Drink?

    irish car bombs
  6. one more... how close can i stand next to the stringer without getting hit in my face with their stix game this post is funny
  7. urb is good xlr8r is phat
  8. Any Wu-Tang Fans out there?????

    bobby digital- the rza that shite is awesome
  9. no one has said anything my stupid finals have delayed me coming back to nyc in time to see it? did anyone go is there anything good going on this coming friday the 23rd or what?come on people i want a review please
  10. whats the first techno song you heard? and im not talking synth pop bs or new wave or house i mean like straight up techno? was it old coldcut stuff cybotron- clear phuture assasins- roots n future 2bad mice- any of there old shite orb - little fluffy clouds orbital- halcyon guru josh- hallelujah utah saints - something good i fucking love this song when keoki came out with his cd's i used to blast speed racer what are some others..? do you remember the first time you heard techno music and how weird and phat is sounded? i know there are more im fogetting .. i miss straight up techno i miss freestyle too
  11. Times they are a changin'.......

    ive been reading this board for a long time. its funny when i see people that have registered after me have posted more than 1000 times not that it is a bad thing. i guess i only really post when i think i have something good to say or i need questions answered. it seems like in the past months lots of people have been drawn in and post comments like you suck this and this club sucks that. its funny sometimes.. but i guess thats what happens when people hide behind this keyboard thug mentality i know you guys have meet ups and lots of people know each other but the majority of the people posting dont really care about anyone else. i ve seen racist comments thrown in homophobic comments.. kinda sucks.i liked to read this board because i almost as soon as i got into the club scene i was whisked away to school in cali.. and i liked to read the posts and keep up on whats going on dunno if this mad sense oh well.... "save the drama for your moma"
  12. Whats everyones Nationality???

    1/2 indian 1/2 malaysian
  13. sandra collins live @ GIANT 2000 sasha paul oakenfold carl cox- bbc bootleg joshua ryan - quantum beats dj sneak & daft punk - live in ibzia pvd- live @ nikita (1015 folsom nightclub) if anyone knows song names from the bbc bootleg let me know im trying to figureout this one song
  14. your favorite munchie

    definitely sour patch kids
  15. What is everyone's favorite beautiful song....?

    "Dud UK" by Art of Trance "Forbidden Fruit" original mix PVD bittersweet symphony -verve porcelain Moby