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  1. New Yorker in LA

    OK so a car is a must. Are the clubs and spots all in the same area? Or do you drive to them? Around here we do allot of walking and cabbing it. We really don't have a budget, someplace nice in a good spot would be cool. I'm into mostly house, mostly some hard house and some deep house. DJ's like Tiesto etc.A little hip hop doesn't really bother me though. We really don't have any real Mega Clubs out here like we used to (pre Giulliani days lol). I wouldn't mind hitting one up and maybe a smaller place as well. or a lounge... we are thinking of coming down from a thursday till a monday... thanks a bunch for ur help.....
  2. New Yorker in LA

    Whats up everyone. A friend and I are planning a trip to LA for a few days in February. We are pretty on top of everything going on clubwise here in NYC but don't have a clue about LA. We've asked some people around here, but know one seems to have a clue about LA..... SO i got a few questions. Where is a good area to stay in, kind of close by to clubs and bars and etc? What area has some good spots? I also heard that you must rent a car when you are out there. that everything is far apart. (kind of the opposite then over here) and there are no taxis. PS. Anyone has questions about NYC, you can ask me. thanks everyone!